Stunt Granny Big 11 Week Ending 3/12/11

1. JBL – With his awesome promo, his inside jokes about bullying, and his general awesome heel demeanor, JBL stole the show on Monday Night Raw. That is until…

2. Steve Austin – … Stone Cold stole the show with his usual good-time, beer-swillin’, cameraman-chasin’ antics. That is until…
3. Michael Cole – … Michael Cole stole the show with his pouty, chickenshit, unfit-to-headline heel-character fit at the top of the stage. That is until…
4. The Miz – … the Miz stole the show with his pitch-perfect promo at the end of the night. I would love to see him slap the Rock across the face one of these days to show him who’s boss around here. – Eric

5. Brodus Clay – The guy may not have won NXT (or at least that’s what I read) but he certainly appears to have won because he’s made TV appearances on Raw & Smackdown this week. Del Rio could use an enforcer so Brodus may have found a permanent spot for himself. – Kevin

6. Women’s Wrestling in the WWE – I can’t fully get into my thoughts in this list but it needed to be mentioned. I have no idea why the WWE continues to feature women’s wrestling if they’re going to shit on it. Any other program would take off something they don’t like. Look at Two & a Half Men. Charlie Sheen #Losing! – Kevin

7. Victory Road – I watched TNA this week, as I do most weeks, and even tweeted about the show a couple of times. When I was trying to think of topics to put in the Big 11, I had forgotten in less than 24 hours that TNA had a pay per view this week. That’s how piss poor their go home show was on Thursday. – Kevin

8. Kurt Angle – He had an interview in the UK Sun. Among the topics he touched were that he doesn’t like Jeff Jarrett personally (Duh, he’s fucking your ex-wife. I hate the prick that’s doing the same to mine and I don’t have to work with him.) but respects him as wrestler (You’re an idiot). Angle is happy with the product  so he won’t go back to the WWE. The whipped cream and cherry to this interview is that he’ll retire in TNA because he’s very excited with their product (The King of the White Trash is excited for the White Trash of the wrestling landscape, go figure). – Kevin

9. Microphones- TNA has too many of them. Of course it may be that they have about four but they continue to give them to the wrong people. Impact this week just had too many people yapping about brainless and stupid shit. Yes this is par the course but it just seemed more annoying this week. -Jeremy

10. The Miz- He reminded us all just how stupid The People’s Elbow really is . Seeing someone else do the move does make you appreciate what The Rock does.  -Jeremy

11. Kevin Nash- Just when you thought he couldn’t bilk the fans for more money he does it again. Ok, maybe not bilk but he sure knows how to make money. They guy is having a private party and inviting fans to attend? Sweet Jesus, where do we sign up? Imagine all the creepy goodness that could come of this. Or it could be a total disaster.  -Jeremy

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