Kevin’s Blog: Definitely Live & Half Assed Review of Raw

This is what the Penguins looked like when I flipped to Raw.

Well, I didn’t expect to go live but the Penguins are mauling the Red Wings (Sorry Jeremy!) so I’m going to flip away from the game and check in during commercials.

Cole comes out as “Good Ole'” J.R. It gets me laughing. The predictable insults come from Matthews and Lawler. Good hype for their feud. Do it again next week. No need for more promos from those two. HHH comes to the ring. I could stand not hearing from him for a week but that isn’t going to happen. Oh, by the way, I’m going to the Smackdown tapings tomorrow night so this is a spoiler alert to anyone who reads this site. I will be  Tweeting from there and then will do some sort of write up. I’m afraid of watching one of these promos tomorrow night. I know it’ll happen. I’m just not sure which ones right now. HHH’s biggest match of his life. HHH is doing well. This match is still hard to hype to me. Or at least hype well since I know Taker is going to win. Ted DiBiase comes out and says he might take out HHH to gain noteriety. HHH kills DiBiase. Nice knowing you Ted. This Pedigree isn’t impressing me. The crowd is cheering well enough. I automatically hate anyone who is going to “Change the Face of …”

I’m a bit behind since my computer almost shit the bed. I’ll catch up quick like. Sheamus takes on Bourne. Sheamus gets props for getting out of his losing funk. Someone’s has ended and could go in the right direction easily. Bourne missed his sweetness then Sheamus Brogue Kicks him for the W. Bryan comes out as Sheamus starts to brag. He challenges him to a match at Wrestlemania. Sheamus gives him the Brogue Kick. Nice. That could be a sneaky good match. It’ll get enough time since it’s WM. Catch up time!

Randy Orton comes off a tour bus. What, he’s talking about it? He brings his family with him? What the hell? Orton ends well. He plays sick and twisted well. Maryse takes on Eve. I like the visual look of Sucker Punch. Cole says he has another World Wide Exclusive on Law. I haven’t read any spoilers so my guess is Stacy Carter aka “Miss Kitty”. This women’s match is just getting rolling when Cole interrupts. Maryse gets the knees up on the standing moonsault. Eve  finishes her with a neck breaker that looked better than whatever her finisher used to be. Eve freaks out on Cole. “Miz-tory”. I can’t wait for the slide show.

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Husky Harris has a new gimmick.

I am not taking credit for finding this but I am taking credit for posting it on our site. This gimmick would have been badass popular when Slipknot was hugely popular. Now, it seems very TNAish. I imagine Dixie diddling herself like mad explaining to Abyss why this is exactly what he needs to look like. -Jeremy

PWO – Season 4 – Episode 6

What else did you expect me to use as a picture for Pressure Rising?

They are opening the show in Streetsboro, OH. It’s kind of amusing that PWO tapes in more locations than TNA. The crowd seems louder than normal. Dombrowski runs through the card. Pedro De Lucca takes seemingly forever to announce Shima Xion who will be taking on Michael “The Bomber” Facade in a grudge match since they both injured each other last year by spraying hair spray in each other’s eyes. Facade cost Xion an appearance at Wrestlelution. Dombrowski explained that “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross had not been heard from by PWO Management so the main event would be a three man match between Johnny Gargano, Marion Fontaine and Jason Bane.

Xion plays chicken shit. Facade gives him a spring board arm drag. Facade rains down 10 punches in the corner.  A spring board moonsault only gets Facade a two count. Maguire keeps pushing Fontaine for next week. OK, stop hyping next week. Xion grounded Facade. Dombrowski said that Xion feels under rated in PWO and wants a shot at the titles.  Facade counters with knees to Xion’s stomach from a moonsault. Facade takes off the gui. Facade super kicks Xion. Xion gives him a hard back elbow that knocks Facade through the ropes. Facade was going to drop kick Xion off the top rope but Xion pulled the referee in front of him. Xion wanted to spray Facade in the face but Facade turned it on Xion. He then gave him a driver that was something Japanese but I’m not even going to pretend to spell it. It was a Curtain Call turned into a driver.

Analysis: It was a good match. Xion is a good guy to keep around the TV Title picture so hopefully he can pick up a cheap win over Ben Fruth or someone to get back on track. Facade is definitely getting the push. I just wish he’d clean up some of his spots more. Score: +1.

Jason Gorey is backstage in front of a black back drop. He is looking forward to taking down Kirst, Krimson and Raven. Krimson pops up from behind him and strangles him with a belt. Krimson says some stuff that is hard to make out because it’s quiet. I was also too busy staring at his bald spots. He was warning them and said there was still time left, to back down I guess. He ended with his tag line.

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