Stunt Granny Audio #133

Kevin and Jeremy are back after a week off and boy they got a lot to say. Kevin went to Smackdown this week. Besides the obvious spoilers he sure had a lot to say about the crowd. They also jump on some Raw talk. What worked and what didn’t? How awkward was that Randy Orton bt with the tour bus. Oh, and how stupid is his on screen wife? There is even a rare moment where one John Cena hater gives him big props for his act Monday night. They get in some other cracks though and it’s a swift and fun. Much like sex after a few months off. So give it a listen won’t ya?

Stunt Granny Audio #133

Abdullah The Butcher Hall Of Fame Video

In case you were wondering just who got inducted this week; WWE finally got around to putting up the latest induction video. It is for Abdullah The Butcher. It contains no blood so I am not sure this is legit or not.  I was under the impression there was blood in every one of his matches at least five seconds in to them. Apparently I was wrong. Well,  I could be or WWE has done an amazing job of editing it all out.  So for those keeping track at home; Koko B Ware is in the WWE Hall of Fame as well as Abdullah The Butcher but the following people are not: -Jeremy

Randy Savage

The Ultimate Warrior

Psycho Sid

Big Van Vader

Owen Hart

Smackdown Spoilers

Taken for the sole purpose of using for this spoiler post.

I tweeted all of the results from @Stuntgranny last night. When I got home, Kent State was in the process of losing at Colorado so I was too consumed to put this post together.  I’m going to string together my tweets and add a little extra commentary. I’m hoping to talk about Raw and this taping so I’m reserving some commentary for your ear holes. Since these are spoilers, I’ll only show my first Tweet before putting up a read more link.

Tweet: The parkin is barren. I’m either here early or it’s a light crowd -K. After: The parking, I hate spelling mistakes, was light as was the crowd. They had a whole lot of tarped off area. I went to a Blue Jackets game last week and there was 8-10000 people. There couldn’t have been any more last night.

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