Smackdown Spoilers

Taken for the sole purpose of using for this spoiler post.

I tweeted all of the results from @Stuntgranny last night. When I got home, Kent State was in the process of losing at Colorado so I was too consumed to put this post together.  I’m going to string together my tweets and add a little extra commentary. I’m hoping to talk about Raw and this taping so I’m reserving some commentary for your ear holes. Since these are spoilers, I’ll only show my first Tweet before putting up a read more link.

Tweet: The parkin is barren. I’m either here early or it’s a light crowd -K. After: The parking, I hate spelling mistakes, was light as was the crowd. They had a whole lot of tarped off area. I went to a Blue Jackets game last week and there was 8-10000 people. There couldn’t have been any more last night.

Tweet: NXT is taping. It is awful. Glad I missed some. A verbal contest has been awful. Darren Young won. We lost. Crowd did cheer. After: They had “matches” between the contestants for verbal supremacy. The crowd was luke warm to all of them except Lucky Cannon who insulted Ohio State. Always a good way to garner heat around here.

Tweet: Replay of NXT from last week. Hornie is Titus O Neil’s trainer. Yuck. Young vs ONeil. James Laurinitis & friends just walked past. After: Laurinaitis played at OSU so I was surprised more people didn’t yell for him. He’s always at these events. Dude was a real tool from all accounts.

Tweet: Oneil gets the win after Chavo tries to cheat for Young OK match.

Tweet: Oh my lord, it’s “delish” Lucky Cannon. So terrible it’s funny. Kovloz&OBrian vs JTG & Novak. Christ. It’s a dance off. After: I skipped tweeting about a skit of Cannon mocking Yoshi. Maryse came to apologize for slapping Cannon last week. She ended up slapping both Cannon & Yoshi. Cannon’s also got to explain his new attitude in a vignette. I’m fine with a turn at some point or character development but this just seems like a blatant attempt to get over with a new gimmick.

Tweet: Kozlov & O Brian win by dancing in unison. I paid for this twice and am eating the price of the extra. -K After: The dancing was as terrible as you think it was. I mentioned the extra ticket because I bought it for the girl I was dating when they went on sale. Broke up with her, offered it to a friend who turned it down after he switched jobs. Another friend turned it down because of his dart league. I told someone to come with me on Monday but then he ignored my text I sent him and my directions from the previous day. Ah well, it was still fun.

Tweet: By the way, the one hard camera is behind me. The crane camera is mostly staying to my left. Saxton vs Cannon next.

Tweet: Cannon wins then takes out Yoshi as he’s tending to Saxton. Cannon got heat for his OSU bashing from earlier.

Tweet: Tyler Reks vs Chris Masters for the lordship of Superstars. Buckle up kids.

Tweet: Masters gets to rule the Superstars fiefdom for 2 more weeks. People golf clap for him. After: About half way into this match, I realized that both of these guys were smoother than anyone on NXT that wasn’t a pro in the ring.

Tweet: Booker T > Matthews > Masters. Cole gets Matthews level heat. 1 Cole Miner sign I can see.

Tweet: The dude beside me stinks. After: I had been wanting to mention that since the beginning but he was too close to do that. He moved a seat over so I got leg room and less stench the rest of the evening. Thank goodness.

Tweet: SD starts with Christian/Del Rio/Edge recap. Edge & Teddy are arguing. Teddy will ban Edge or Del Rip from WM if they touch. Intro. After: Stupid autocorrect kept changing Rio to Rip.

Tweet: WM rewind match – Rey vs Punk. Awesome. They recap #1 Punk on Raw. After: Yuck, what awful English. I’m a boob sometimes. I was worried about how many replays I was going to have to sit through. This one was #1 for Raw, #2 if you counted the SD recap. They do that every week so I’m not sure I count that one.

Tweet: Early 619 chant while Rey is selling. Punk mugs to the crowd. Cody assaults Rey. He knee braces him in a corner. Soild heat. After: Punk just gets it. The mugging to the crowd before a suplex (if memory serves) was one of those reasons people hate him. Subtle to some but it makes the difference.

Tweet: Christian telling Edge to rest instead of beating McIntyre. Edge is proving he’s 100%. Weird. Kid won’t stop rocking in front of me. After: I don’t think the child had any disease or was handicapped. Hot damn it was annoying. Christian trying to talk Edge out of wrestling seemed strange to me.

Tweet: Edge taps McIntyre with modified sharp shooter. Edge spears him & gets a pop for it.

Tweet: Dot Net has ongoing coverage. I’m funnier than any hump he’d use. After: I saw a tweet from Dot Net earlier and ignored it. I got little pissed on the second one. I figure he is one of our 500 visitors. He had to go for the jugular though. I am funnier than anyone he could use. Plus I don’t need to alliterate before I state my opinion.

Tweet: KK & Rosa take on Laycool. KK’s pop was as big as Edge. Laycool mock Snooki with their look.

Tweet: Rosa takes the pin. No one is surprised. A black hole is opening. I did laugh at them. OK, chuckle. After: The fact that I chuckled during a Laycool promo was momentous.

Tweet: Recap of Corre/Show & Kane. Recap #2 for SD. #3 total.

Tweet: Stinky dude bought a U Can’t C Me necklace that lights up. He is too old to do so. I’m horrified. After: Another Tweet that I saved until after he moved. Here’s the link to what he bought. At least he save .49 cents and shipping by buying it at the event.

Tweet: Kofi vs Barrett for the IC Title. Corre at ring side. Kofi paradises himself into Wasteland. Cool visual. Kofi is super athletic. After: Maybe Kofi got boring on TV, maybe it just doesn’t translate well. I’m not sure but his move set looked more impressive live.

Tweet: Barrett is held upby Skater & Zeke. Kofi got a 450. Still not as good as Air Bourne live. After: Another autocorrect problem. Slater = Skater. I also didn’t put a space between up and by. I said funnier, not better at grammar.

Tweet: Teddy gives Del Rio the verbal beat down. Teddy rocks. UT is next to address HHH.

Tweet: Taker started strong, got Apocalyptic when he lost me then ended strong.

Tweet: Raw recap #2 of Swagger/Lawler. Cole is going crazy in his mine. No sound though. Taker’s mic went funky twice. R Truth’s didn’t. After: Meant to mention Taker’s mic fuzzing out during the other Tweet. Cole reacting to Swagger coming out was a fun visual with Cole. I’m sure he’ll do the predictable lauding of Swagger during the broadcast. I was hoping for Truth’s mic to get cut off. People were still nuts for him.

Tweet: Cole is berating Josh & T. R Truth appears to eff up a sling shot to the outside. Swagger taps out R. Cole gets more practice & heat. After: I figured Cole got to use the An-Cole Lock but I either missed it or he never did it.

Tweet: Christian w/ Edge takes on Del Rio w/ Clay. The commercial spot just happened.

Tweet: Edge beats down Clay with a chair for an earlier attack. It distracts Del Rio. Killswitch for the win. Christian chairs Del Rio. After: Edge was ready to hit Del Rio with the chair but Christian pointed at the Wrestlemania sign, took the chair and did the deed himself. I figured Clay & Christian would be used to skirt Teddy’s law.

Tweet: Christian, Rey, Show & Kane take on Del Rio & the Corre in dark match main event as they called it.

Tweet: Crowd gets all finishers on Skater. Popped huge for the 619.

More to come later tonight on both Raw and the Smackdown tapings. – Kevin

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