Kevin’s Blog: Definitely Live & Half Assed Review of Raw

Big Week here at Stunt Granny HQ.

I typed in “Big Week” in the Google image search. I had a hard time figuring out why this would be under that category. I guess spring break is a big week. I only had a real spring break when I was studying over in Italy. That ruled.

CM Punk is sitting Indian style in the ring. Nice start. Never would think they’d go in this direction. Huge reaction for him. Are we in Canada? An excellent choice for an opener. This feud needed more time on TV than it has gotten. Punk gets the DDT. Randall thinking about the punt.  Crowd against Punk now. Keith collapses under his own weight. Crowd chants CM Punk. I’m confused. Randy chant. Make up your mind.Orton is playing hurt well. Punk hits the GTS but gets to lose at Wrestlemania. Punk is one of the few people to not get embarrassed in his hometown.

Edge explains that he can attack Del Rio on Raw. Christian and him are headed to the ring.

Grabbed myself a beer. Yuengling rocks. I’m trying out how to pimp this blog. Flipping through my Twitter as Del Rio takes his grand time getting to the ring. Dana White pimped the #WWE because his boy the Rock is on Raw. Nothing going on in the match with Clay starting for the heels.

Clay has to be called impressive. Dude has had 3 matches in the last week. Who was the winner of NXT again? Del Rio trips up Edge going for the spear. Edge ends up giving it to Clay anyway. Del Rio attacks Christian, Edge runs him off. Del Rio gives Edge the Cross Arm Breaker. Guess we know two winners on Sunday now. Del Rio shouldn’t win the title already anyway. Talk about too much, too soon. Oh my lord, the “bar” that Snooki & Trish are at is terrible.

Why is Cole pimping an iPad? Is he supposed to be slick and cool like the Miz because of it? Cole tells King he has to wrestle Swagger. Not much meat to sink my teeth into writing wise so far. They’re highlighting the matches so I can’t bitch. South Park’s “Montage” will never leave my had as they show video of HHH & Undertaker.

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The Architecture of Wrestling – Wrestlemania Set Design Part III

Stately Oaks Plantation in Jonesboro, GA

Neoclassical architecture came about in the 18th Century, as did the American or Georgian Colonial, in response to the exaggerated styles of Rococo and Baroque. This style imitated more closely Classical Greek architecture and the Italian architect Andrea Palladio. Robert Adams was the architect to bring this style to the United States. He called it “Federal architecture.” The main example in the Atlanta area of Neoclassical architecture is Stately Oaks Plantation which was the inspiration for Tara in the book “Gone With The Wind” by Margaret Mitchell.

The style is quite similar to that of the American Colonial as you can see the symmetrically spaced windows and the square floor plan. The porch that covers the main entrance and bedroom above does give the plan a slightly different shape. In the Colonial style, the pilasters held up entablature. Because of the structural needs of the porch, the pilasters have been converted to full sized columns.

The details are the samilar to Colonial architecture from the mutin bars in the windows, although they do have them in both lites, to transom and tansom light. The door in this instance does have side lights (windows beside the doors). Chimneys are on both sides of this building too.

Villa La Rotunda by Palladio. This Villa is some next level work.

Analysis: Since this building is style is pretty much the same as the previous one, I’m going to use the same wrap up. This building is suited for use by the WWE because of it’s simplistic design and it’s symmetrical look. Unfortunately, there isn’t much for the WWE to cartoon up. They love to use oversized columns but I’m not sure they’re going to be willing to use an entablature or cornice around the set. I don’t think they’ll use this style, but I’ll give a final verdict after going through the other 3 design styles. – Kevin

SG Poll: Which TNA personality is most likely to be busted next?

In light of Jeff Hardy’s next impending court date and Kurt Angle’s recent arrest for, um, sliding his car off a patch of ice and into a median and they didn’t smell no alcohol on my breath I’m an Olympic champion, we at Stunt Granny wonder what TNA personality is next in line for a legal beatdown, beeotch?! As always, leave comments!

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