Stunt Granny Audio #135

Oh my god it’s another edition of Stunt Granny Audio. Dusty and Eric come at ya this week dropping knowledge and kickin puppies for good, yeah good, behavior.  This time around they talk about the demise of IWA-Midsouth Wrestling. Is it uncouth to dance on the grave already? They also talk about Michaels Cole’s homoslur on Twitter. Why is this a big deal and is there an actual anti-Michael Cole agenda out there in cyber land. Keeping it current, Fit Finlay was fired and the boys have things to say about that. They also manage some John Cena knowledge as well. It is brisk thirty minutes so give it a listen.

Oh and don’t forget tomorrow starts the annual WrestleMania preview shows with Jeremy & Kevin. So come on back and check them out.

Stunt Granny Audio #135

IWA-Mid South: Going Out Of Business Since 2002

Posted yesterday on the IWA Mid South message board (here’s the whole thread:

Effective immediately, IWA-MS is closing its doors.

Anyone interested in purchasing our ring, sound system, concession items (pizza oven, popcorn maker ect.) or the IWA-MS video library, should call 815-528-0792 for more information.

Thank you all for your years of patronage and support.

So seriously how much does Ian expect to get for what has to be an ancient pizza oven? That thread is something else, by the way. Who the bleep is Billy Gram? Why is he stirring shit on a message board? More importantly, how long until IWA-MS has their big comeback show? My guess is a month. – Dusty

Finlay is Gone

From PWI:

By Mike Johnson on 2011-03-29 12:45:38
World Wrestling Entertainment released their top Producer/Agent Dave Finlay yesterday, has confirmed.
The story making the rounds is that The Miz was booked to come out an interrupt the national anthem during a house show in Champaign, IL over the weekend. There were a number of representatives for the national Guard, who are a HUGE partner and sponsor for WWE, in attendance. Obviously, they were not pleased with the anthem being used to get heel heat.

When word made it’s way back to WWE management, the decision was made to release Finlay, who as the top Producer of the show, “had to fall on the sword”, as it was described to me.

There were a lot of shocked people within the company today as word began to make the rounds among the wrestlers and staff. Finlay was well liked and more than a few people I spoke to hoped that it was a situation where he was let go only to be brought back down the line.

Finlay, a third generation wrestler, had been with the company from 2001 and was considered the top Producer backstage, with Arn Anderson directly behind him in the line of command. Finlay had long been given credit for the rise and improvement of the WWE Divas division over the last decade. He worked for several years behind the scene for the company before returning as a wrestler in a full-time role as well in 2006, mostly to help introduce the Hornswoggle character and work with younger talents that needed help in the ring. WWE had quietly retired him as a wrestler last year when the decision was made to go with younger faces on the television product.

Finlay had been wrestling since 1974. He was considered one of the top heels in Europe in the 1990s and also toured New Japan Pro Wrestling. He finally made his way to the United States during the Monday Night Wars for WCW as the “Belfast Bruiser.”

I would be willing to bet he’ll be back by the end of the year. – Dusty

Eric’s blog: A smirk is worth a thousand buys

"Hey, buddy!"

We at Stunt Granny bandy about the idea that the brand “WWE” and the product “WrestleMania” essentially sell themselves, so no matter the headline matches and no matter the build-up, WrestleMania will always be a huge success and the hook that WWE hangs its hat upon. The stadium will be sold out, and the buyrates will continue to be the company’s golden goose, strangled or not.

For a little bit of context, I Googled “wrestlemania buyrates” and found these results for the past four WrestleManias:

WrestleMania 23: 1,250,000
WrestleMania 24: 1,041,000
WrestleMania 25: 960,000
WrestleMania 26: 885,000

Last year’s drastic dropoff can be attributed to a number of things, most likely the economy and somewhat less likely Vince McMahon’s postulation that the WWE universe was gathering in groups and pitching in $5 a piece to order pay-per-views. (Sorry, Vince, my friends and I have been doing that since 1996.)

However, one major reason for a nearly 100,000-buy decline between WM25 and WM26 is the lack of hype for the main events: Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels, while a spectacular match, had a seemingly forced build-up; Edge vs. Chris Jericho suffered from Edge’s poor reception as a babyface returning from a long hiatus to feud with a white-hot heel Jericho; and John Cena vs. Batista was at best an insult-fest with a hint of “you broke my neck, even though I was back four months later and feuded with a lot of other people since then” added in.

So when we look at the build to the headlining matches at WrestleMania 27, one could step back, look at the bigger picture and rationalize some concern. Undertaker vs. Triple H has six weeks of build despite having a decade-old history; John Cena vs. The Miz is the “undeserving” champion defending against the guy who squashed him numerous times one year ago and is now pre-occupied with the third-biggest star in WWE history; and Michael Cole vs. Jerry “The King” Lawler is a match-up of announcers.

It’s the little things that are selling these matches.

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SG Poll: Which rumored WWE WrestleMania 27 match would you have wanted to see?

Some of these matches were proposed or speculated upon by the Kellers, Powells and Meltzers of the world… and I think a couple of them popped out of our Stunt Granny heads like mogwai after being splashed by water. Nonetheless, as good as the card for WrestleMania 27 has become, do you feel it would have been greater given any of the above matches? And don’t forget, leave a comment!

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