SG Poll: Which rumored WWE WrestleMania 27 match would you have wanted to see?

Some of these matches were proposed or speculated upon by the Kellers, Powells and Meltzers of the world… and I think a couple of them popped out of our Stunt Granny heads like mogwai after being splashed by water. Nonetheless, as good as the card for WrestleMania 27 has become, do you feel it would have been greater given any of the above matches? And don’t forget, leave a comment!

3 Responses

  1. HHH vs Mayonaisse – because it was tha match that should have fucking happened! (and HHH wouldn’t try to shoehorn himself in the last match, unless they kept the title on Shaemus)

    • Considering my friend Scotto says during Hunter’s fat times that “Triple H stands for ‘Hot Dogs, Hamburgers and Heavy on the Mayonnaise,” this match-up works! -E

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