Kurt Angle: Butt Hurt Pill Popper

Figure Four compiled a bunch of his messages. Check this:

  1. Jerry Lawlor did it too. But He is a Legend. WWE really stuck it to Me.No Love lost. I’m glad that I helped Your biggest Event of the Year:) less than a minute ago via txt
  2. Why would WWE use my finishes? Is it because I won’t go back? R Orton- Angle Slam. M Cole- Ankle Lock? They have some nerve. 5 minutes ago via txt
  3. Kurt Angle will never die. TNA. WWE. I’m a leader. Not follower. 🙂 22 minutes ago via txt
  4. I guess Swagger will use my Ankle Lock as well.Very creative. I’m the Best in the World. You Guys will never be Kurt Angle.can I get an AMEN 24 minutes ago via txt
  5. I heard Orton had an Awesome match though. Ur welcome. Lol. 32 minutes ago via txt
  6. To WWE wrestlers, Don’t use my Finish. Get more Creative. Hmmmm- Orton. Did I say that? 34 minutes ago via txt

LOL. – Dusty

3 Responses

  1. Ya know, I did think Cole was doing an Angle impersonation at first when he dropped his strap. If he wanted to be Lawler, he should have came out with a 1 strap singlet. That said, I don’t think WWE gives a flying fuck about Angle or gave a thought to “stealing” his move.

    I have no idea what he’s talking about with Randy. I don’t remember them having a feud while they were both in WWE (if they did, it wasn’t memorable).

    • I don’t know if it was really a feud. In fact, Rey won the 2006 Royal Rumble, then feuded with Orton over who would actually get the WrestleMania 22 title shot. So I don’t think Angle and Orton ever feuded, but more like they got stuck in the ring together when WWE didn’t think a singles match with any of those three would draw.

      Also, Kurt Angle stole popping the strap from Jerry Lawler. So there.

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