Scott Hall is a God Damn Mess

This is being reported all over the place so no need to give a site comment. Scott Hall is a mess. There is no way around this. He has substance abuse problems and it has never been clearer than his appearance at Top Rope Promotions 30th Anniversary Show. Hall showed up for the event in the classic ” no condition to perform” but wanted to perform anyway. Well, he got his wish and was carried to the ring, he got knocked down like someone was removing his hat and then got in a punch. The whole situation plays out in the videos above. Disregard the ” disturbing video” tag for the longer video. It isn’t disturbing  but it is painfully sad. This guy supposedly has one of the brighter minds in wrestling but he is wasting his talent on shit he can’t control and continues to indulge in them. He has been given WWE rehab and even took pills so that the smell of alcohol made him sick. Apparently nothing will work. So what is next. It has been a while since there has been a wrestler death. Is this the first shot in the long cannonball ride to the end for Scott Hall? Will his friends step in or have they all gotten to their wits end with him or are we going to get another “Last Call With Scott Hall” where they laugh this off?  What does it take for an addict to finally come to grips with their addiction?  Sorry, for once there are no jokes here.-Jeremy

3 Responses

  1. Look at these fucking enablers at this show. He shows up like a pile of shit, and then they proceed to carry him out to the ring for everyone to see. I don’t care if he wanted “to work” the show, use some fucking judgment.

    No joke needed Jeremy, Scott Hall rights itself. All everyone is doing now is waiting for the final punchline.

    • You guys are mostly right, but I got a joke for you: Jesus christ, Justin Credible, you work at Olive Garden, eat a fucking breadstick! You and Francine probably share clothes now, you skeletal fuck. -E

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