Kevin’s Blog: Almost Live, Definitely Half Assed Review of Raw

I got my inspiration from Tough Enough

I was glad John Cena mentioned that you need to know that failure is an option in the wrestling business. I think you need to know that about any business. Or as I’ve learned since my divorce, dating. If you’ve read my PWO reviews (please do so if you don’t) part of the reason I heap scorn on Justin LaBar at is because I feel like I failed to make my reviews well enough known. I’ve got to work harder. We did up the coverage in Atlanta for Wrestlemania to show our renewed work ethic. Really, we’ve been doing up our coverage of everything since the beginning of the year. Which leads me to this coverage. I feel like I’ve gotten it to a good place writing wise. Until I get multiple comments about this blog on a weekly basis, this thing is a failure in my eyes. On to the hard work of covering Raw.

Michael Cole gets a ridiculous introduction from Justin Roberts. Cole said on Friday that a newer, better Cole Mine was being built. He needs to talk to his contractors because they’re too slow. Cena comes to the ring. He wants to gain the WWE Championship to make his match with the Rock bigger. Orton wants his shot at the title first since he won at Wrestlemania. John Morrison gets a chance to shine. My boy has his own shirt. Ziggler still isn’t talking for himself.  Oh, he does speak. What the hell is R-Truth doing out there? His promo was terrible. I can’t believe Cole isn’t obligated to say he bought his iPAD at Kmart. A Royal Rumble style gaunlet match is invented. What, Edge has an announcement? Must have missed that “rumor” on the internet. Let’s check now.

Jeremy just wet himself. Maybe even crapped in his pants. He finally gets a Kong promo. Don’t they need to make the Women’s Division mean something? Eve beating Twin Magic isn’t what I had in mind. How weak, marking a twin. Brie Bella winning the title belt is the opposite of anything I had in mind. Are they trying to shit on the division as much as possible before Kong shows up?

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Larry Sweeney, dead at 29

According to, independent wrestling manager Larry Sweeney was found dead today at the age of 29. No details are available at this time, but Twitter is full with an outpouring of sadness for this loss.

@JoeyRyanOnline: RIP Larry Sweeney. A genuinely nice guy who always had a smile on his face when I saw him which is how I’ll remember him. Very sad day.

@AllisonDanger: @JoeyRyanOnline and I were talking so fondly about Larry Sweeney yesterday. I can’t believe he is gone today. Please keep his family in your thoughts. I wish I could form the words that do his loss justice but I just can’t.

@CCastagnoli: Thank you for all the memories Larry Sweeney… I’ll remember them forever…

@TheRealXPac: How did Larry Sweeney die? Wtf enough already!!!

@SteveCorino: I hope everyone remembers Larry Sweeney for the amazing talent he was. He loved entertaining fans. Sad. RIP Alex.

@TheChrisHero: We lost a dedicated friend and an overwhelmingly talented performer this morning. Alex Whybrow aka “Sweet & Sour” Larry Sweeney has passed. We spent a few yrs together on the road & Alex was gifted beyond measure. He could enthrall you with colorful stories from his personal life or he could captivate thousands with his undeniable charisma. I loved him & my heart is with his family, friends & his countless fans. First he was my student & he transcended that almost immediately. I will forever cherish our in depth conversations & time spent together Love you man. Miss you. Rest in Peace.

Our condolences for his family and friends’ loss. To access an 18-minute interview Jeremy and I did with Sweeney in Orlando, Fla., during WrestleMania 24 weekend, click here (exclusive to Pro Wrestling Torch VIP members).

Since then, we’d heard he’d been up to some wacky antics, but that doesn’t take away from his unfortunate death. Always entertaining, he had the potential for so much. Dusty and I will probably continue to fantasy-book him in our never-to-exist wrestling leagues out of respect. -Eric

PWO – Season 4 – Episode 7

I recommend reading The Tao of Pooh. Click the read more button to figure out why I used this picture.

Vic Travgliante was on TV first. He said that “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross but the rest of the main event, Jason Bane, Marion Fontaine and PWO champion Johnny Gargano were there.

Joe Dombrowski asked Aaron Maguire why Cross was last seen with him. Dombrowski accused him of thinning the herd to help Fontaine. Maguire denied. Dombrowski said that the PWO Tag Team Titles will also be determined tonight between the Homeless Handicapped Connection against Benjamin Boone with Ben Fruth as the special guest referee. Boone grabbed the mic and said he’d get the job done single handedly. Boone told Fruth to call it down the middle.

After the commercial break, Hobo Joe & Gregory Iron made their way to the ring. Pedro De Lucca did formal introductions. Boone got the early jump on Hobo Joe but made a mistake by throwing Joe into the corner with Iron. They double  teamed him for a bit. Iron sentoned Boone then Fruth was hesitant to make a count.  Iron got tossed to the outside. Joe had made a sneaky tag but Boone caught him coming in. Maguire’s mic was really quiet. I can barely hear his responses to Dombrowski’s questions. Boone gave Joe a belly to belly throw which landed him too close to Iron. It looked ridiculous for him not to make a tag. Boone stayed on the offensive against Joe including a bear hug.  Joe gave Boone the pit stop to get out.Joe made the hot tag moments later. Iron gave Boone a pair of reverse elbows then a drop kick from the second rope.  Joe tagged back in and their double team back fired. Boone tried to pin Iron but he wasn’t the legal man. Boone hit Joe with a Tag Title belt. Fruth stopped counting before getting to three. Dombrowski hyped Fruth stanng up for himself. He kicked Boone in the balls. Joe gave Boone a senton to retain the belts. Fruth took off his referee shirt which revealed a Sons of Michigan shirt. He took that off and threw it at Boone. When Boone recovered, he looked at the shirt and almost cried.

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The Rock on Ellen, blah blah blah, hot chick

The Rock was on “Ellen” today. In much, much more important news, that hot chick Kaley Cuoco from “The Big Bang Theory” and formerly of “Eight Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter,” played with a Shake Weight on “Ellen” not too long ago. Excuse me for a moment… -Eric

Awesome Kong swinging through FCW before WWE

"Have fun in Florida, sister brother!"

According to (yep, they’re a reputable source, probably the only one for serious women’s wrestling news), a video package aired this weekend on Florida Championship Wrestling for Awesome Kong, leading anyone with half a cerebellum to assume she’ll be stopping in FCW before she makes her WWE debut. I’m over my old complaint that screamed, “They’re already developed! They don’t need developmental!” Whatever. WWE makes more money in a month than I’ll make in a lifetime, so who am I to question them? They could send Tyler Black back to the fourth grade and it would make more sense than anything I could come up with. I once had Skeletor beat the Junkyard Dog for the WWF Title when I was seven; does that make a god damn lick of sense? No. So when you see Kong in FCW, A) thank Diva Dirt for the alert, B) send Jason Powell a quick note telling him to stop saying, “This would have been a great chance for Kong to debut,” and C) pour one out for the JYD. -Eric

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