Val Venis blasts John Morrison, Melina for having “zero nuts,” being “ho”

Sean Morley, aka Val Venis, is priceless these days, ranting and raving on blogs, Twitter and YouTube about the hot topics of the day. He’s got no major-league affiliation anymore, and he was probably smart with his money so he can afford to burn bridges if he wants. And more importantly, I wouldn’t be surprised if he could kick the shit out of any of these people he’s called out lately. (None of them look like they could win a real fight, anyway; example…) He blasted the Hardys, Shannon Moore and Shane Helms in a classic diatribe, and now he’s after John Morrison and Melina for snubbing his beloved fellow Canadian, Trish Stratus, at WrestleMania XXVII. He kicks in the curse words almost right away, calling Melina a “fucking slut,” then asking John Morrison how “Mike Knox” and “Batista” taste. (You see, because Melina is the company dartboard.) “You tried to turn a ho into a housewife!” shouts an angry Venis at Morrison! It’s true! It’s hilarious! Quit reading this and watch the video above! (Props to Fanatic for uncovering this.) -Eric

Video available of Chris Jericho on NBC “Tonight Show With Jay Leno”

Chris Jericho appeared on NBC’s “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” last night to promote his stint on ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars.” Two things: One, Jay Leno is one of the unfunniest people on Planet Earth, so it took an act of God and a serious mountain climb for Jericho to make this worth watching. Two, my girlfriend thinks Chris Jericho is “handsome” and has a “booty on him.” Son of a bitch. -Eric

New Zack Ryder “True Long Island Story” posted, hilarious

If you’re following any amount of wrestlers on Twitter, you’ve probably seen at least one of them mention Zack Ryder’s “Z! True Long Island Story” series on YouTube. If you’ve chosen to pass it up for any reason, stop passing it up and watch the above episode, number 9 in the series. It features an awesome cameo by John Cena and one of Ryder’s goofier but funny plays on words on how WWE is screwing up by not pushing him. I almost laughed out loud at work and got fired, for crying out loud! Get on this bandwagon now! -Eric

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