Shockwave the Robot added to ECWA Super 8 Tournament

According to, the full ECWA Super 8 Tournament roster has been released. It features seven nobodies AND THIS FUCKING GUY!!! If you haven’t seen Shockwave the Robot yet, the video above will be the greatest three minutes of your life. Shockwave ranked No. 500 in the 2010 Pro Wrestling Illustrated PWI 500, a spot held by such luminaries as Nick Nemeth (2005), Donn E. Allen (1994) and the Garbage Man (1993, future Duke “The Dumpster” Droese). Now he joins the ranks of those who have competed in the most recognized independent wrestling tournament today, such as Ace Darling, Devon Storm, Devon Storm and Ace Darling. (Kidding, past winners include Low Ki, Paul London, Davey Richards and Ace Darling.) The tournament airs on GoFightLive iPPV on April 30… hey, wait, Carly’s out of town that weekend, I might check it out! GO SHOCKWAVE! -Eric

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