Stunt Granny Lunch Conversation: Jeremy and Kevin April 19, 2011

Jeremy: So you liked Dolph’s new look?

Kevin Difrango: In a way, it makes him look plainer but it also makes him look less ridiculous. The platinum hair never did it for me.

Jeremy: It definitely makes him plainer. How many short haired athletic white guys do you need on one roster?

Kevin Difrango: Looking at the roster now. Looks different than Masters & Christian.

Jeremy: Off the top of my head: Dibiase, Cena, Mason Ryan, Daniel Bryan, Evan Bourne, Cody Rhodes with Dibiase and Evan Bourne would be the closest.

Kevin Difrango: Ryan & Bryan have a different look to me. Hair dos aren’t cropped and size wise they’re both different than Dolph. You’ve pretty much covered everyone except DH Smith. Lots of long hair still.

Jeremy: Yeah but he has a cowboy hat. Yip yip.

Kevin Difrango: I take it you don’t approve?

Jeremy: If Dolph had a cowboy hat it would be prefect. I guess I no longer understand the Dolph character. He was brash, cocky, obnoxious and the hair rounded it out. Now they make him serious, cut the hair and really kind of boring. He is really going to need to talk much better, lose Guerrero then, and step it up big tie in the ring.

Kevin Difrango: So you have to have long hair to be cocky?

Jeremy: No what I was getting at is on top of the hair cut they cut down his persona. Sorry, didn’t make that clear. He walked to the ring did his stuff and left. Big difference from before with the mannerisms and what not.

Kevin Difrango: I think that’s part of the new look. I think he didn’t quite make it over the hump so he needed to go another direction.

Jeremy: But pulling it back isn’t the way. Too many guys that walk out trying to look like badasses. Not that I have an idea for him right now. Trying to think; do they have any shooters? Play in to Dolph’s mat background and in turn make the Zig Zag more impressive. If he does a ground based assault then out of the blue just hits you with that makes it like the RKO.

Kevin Difrango: I thought the ground based assault would happen more because of the wrestling background pimping. Never has fully come around though.

Jeremy: It should be. They don’t have a lot of them.  Daniel Bryan can work the mat. Um,…….. Regal but they never use him. Mat work or shooting is not a bad thing to try.

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