PWO – Season 4 – Episode 8

This review was on hold until Vancouver Canucks vs. Chicago Blackhawks ended in OT.

Joe Dombrowski says that the Sons of Michigan, Benjamin Boone & N8 Mattson, will take on the Homeless Handicapped Connection, Hobo Joe & Gregory Iron, for the PWO Tag Team Championships. Jason Gory is set to take on Corey Winters. Sex Appeal – Bobby Beverly, Bobby Shields and Nicki Valentino – open the card against The Ninja Elite Squad – Michael Facade, Louis Linden & Flip Kendrick. I think the camera man has a thing for cougars. He really zoomed in on a threesome on the prowl.

The match up started when The Ninja Elite Squad is playing to the crowd so Sex Appeal attacked them from behind. It was a six man party to start the bout off in and out of the ring.  Facade dropped to his back to avoid a clothesline then gave a Pele Kick from his back. Cool move. The match finally settled in with Louis Linden taking on Bobby Beverly. Linden made a come back against Shields but it was cut short when he missed a second rope moonsault. Beverly got tagged back in to continue the beat down on Linden. Kendrick got the hot tag. Flip Kendrick pretty much air balled on a pair of spring board back elbows. Sex Appeal did a Three Stooges act on the outside. They then got to be the recipients of spot monkeys. Facade got a two count from a Northern Lights Bridge Suplex. Facade black slid Beverly for the victory. Facade grabs the mic, things are a little quiet again. Facade said he earned a title shot in PWO and he’s choosing to take on Beverly for the TV Title.

Analysis: Logically, I’d say you go for the main title but since you just pinned said champion, I understand Facade’s line of thinking. Any belts a “pay raise”, right? I’m not a fan of the high spots by Aeroform aka Linden & Kendrick. They miss too often and slip on the ropes a lot. They come up with some cool looking stuff but it needs to be executed better. The match was really going well until the point of the high spots too. You just saw Beverly and one of the other guys waiting for Kendrick to come outside.

Beverly cut his hair shorter close to a buzz cut. He also switched out the pink trunks. I like both of the changes. You don’t need goofy pink tights when you’re over. Nicki Valentino is doing a good job with the goofball thing now so it’s just another reason to go serious for Beverly. The head band and zebra striped trunks are a good way to give Valentino something since he’s been around the least of the three members. Hopefully like Beverly, he’ll grow out of it and move on later.

Crazy long analysis of one segment. I hope I don’t do this for all of them. Score: +1.

Krimson whined about Raven turning on them then said he was joking and turned on the tirade. He said Raven is all about the money now. He’s happy that he can count on Jason Gory, who came into the shot. Krimson closed by saying that Raven would be “Nevermore” then did his tag line “Krimson like the mask.” Analysis: Good follow up from the previous show. He’s playing right out of the Raven hand book so it’s working. Gory just tweaked his look. I’m figuring something happened to Kirst since he’s been MIA for 3 shows now. Score: +1.

Jason Gory came out on a noose with Krimson holding it. Corey Winters came out second. After Gory missed a corner splash, Winters took over. Gory kicked the wickets while the referee was looking away. Gory used a ground and pound to wear down Winters. A spring board elbow drop garnered a two count. Gory dropped a leg then slapped on a reverse chin lock.  Gory choked Winters on the middle rope, then distracted the ref so that Krimson could get in cheap shots. Winters gave Gory an enziguri then immediately started the attack. Dombrowski calls out the quick recovery on mic so I don’t have to later. Winters stays down after the clothesline though. Krimson looked like one of those baboons that have a red face. Gory kicks out at two after a Cutter. Gory fights Winters off the top rope then gives him a second rope Code Breaker. Gory recovers but misses a double stomp.  Winters gives Gory a snap mare but drives his face into the mat. Krimson drapes Gory’s leg over the rope to break the count. Krimson drops Winters neck over the top rope. Gory gave Winters Trip of Danger, a twisting pile driver like move. The legs of the receiver are tucked under the shoulders of the giver. They beat down Winters after the match.

Analysis: This was a good little match. Gory used less high flying in this match than previous ones. Winters is a lot beter in the ring than I remember. Someone needed to save Winters but Justice I think signed with WWE Developmental by this time. The show I’m watching was taped April 3rd on my DVR. Score: +1.

Dombrowski throws it to N8 Mattson & Benjamin Boone. N8 Mattson claimed that PWO management didn’t want him back which was why he was gone. He said he was still the leader of the Sons of Michigan. Boone yelled that he has been carrying the Sons on his back for six months now. Mattson said that he is glad that Boone has grown since he left. Mattson said he knew Boone would rise above the rest of the competition. Mattson said that if Ben Fruth slaps him, he’ll deal with it personally. Mattson said that they need to add the tag titles to their accomplishments.

Analysis: Great return promo that even kept the big man in check so he wouldn’t assume the leadership role. Boone delivered on his end too. Mattson saying he’d deal with Fruth personally is funny, what other option does he have? Drop a hell fire missile from a drone on the kid? Score: +1.

N8 Mattson & Benjamin Boone came to the ring first. The Homeless Handicapped Connection comes out with Ben Fruth. They abruptly cut to commercial. Couldn’t the announcers at least throw it to a break? Pedro De Lucca does formal introductions. I like that they only do this for title matches.  Dombrowski hammers home that Fruth is happy for the first time in a year. Joe starts out against Mattson. The match started ow then Joe picked up the pace. He tagged in Iron who continued the beat down. Joe tagged back in. Joe with a pair of atomic drop, reverse then regular. Boone & Mattson argue on the floor then tags in Boone. Joe starts taking a beat down. Joe gave Boone a drop toe hold into a corner turn buckle. He followed it up with a Pit Stop. Iron got the hot tag. Mattson comes in and kicks out at 2. Boone comes back in and gets a drop toe hold then a senton on the back of Boone. Boone gave Iron a palm thrust. Boone distracts the referee while Mattson gets in cheap shots. Iron gets the real extended beat down. Iron sunset flips Mattson for two. Boone lightly kicks Iron in the head to taunt him. Boone gives Iron a release belly to back suplex. Boone lifts Iron off the mat before the three count. Boone goes for it a second time but hits the De-stabilizer aka Stunner. Joe gets the hot tag. Joe gives Mattson a second rope leg drop. Boone accidentally hit Mattson. Iron is legal. Boone breaks up the count after a Downward Spiral. Second ball shot of the night. Fruth grabs the belt as Mattson tries hit Iron. Fruth slapped N8. He staggers around. Fruth grabbed the belt but Mattson shoved Iron towards him. Fruth accidentally cracks Iron. Mattson gets the pin, the Sons of Michigan are PWO’s new tag team champions.

Analysis: Good match. I was glad I was wrong on the level of hot tag. Joe didn’t get beat down enough for Iron to deserve one. Good match with a nice twist with the newly happy Fruth screwing his friends even if by accident. Score: +1.

Final Score: 5/5. Final Analysis: I debated scoring the first segment 0 instead of +1 because of Aeroform botching moves left & right again but decided the over all match content and the changes for Sex Appeal over came that. So this week’s episode ends up with a perfect score after going 2/5 & 4/7 the last two weeks. Hell of a way to bounce back.

Over the last three weeks, all of the three titles have changed hands. I’m not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing. I really like Beverly’s emergence as the leader of Sex Appeal. He was the first person to snatch a new title which happened to be the TV Title. “Omega” Aaron Draven was so hit or miss for appearances that I like this change. Beverly stepped it up on the mic and reunited Sex Appeal after they started out on shaky ground this season. I’m not sure what the case is but they did drop Frisky after the early season which has helped reshape the group. It makes it less appealing to me though.

“The Megastar” Marion Fontaine was the next to capture gold with the PWO Heavyweight Title. His title reign will be interesting to watch. He’s great on the mic, his in ring work is solid but because of his lithe build, it’s hard to take him seriously. It should make for some chicken shit heel tactics until Wrestlelution.

The Sons of Michigan are the newest champions of the Tag Team Division. I hope they have Mattson locked in for appearances because he’s been more infrequent than Draven. They’re better wrestlers than the Homeless Handicapped Connection and their size makes them far more intimidating. The intrigue of Boone wanting more of the spot light hints at a potential break up and reason for their demise as a dominant tag team. – Kevin

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