Slow News Day: Hulk Hogan does the Chicken Dance

When a fake blind guy and Hulk Hogan doing the Chicken Dance are the top news stories of the day, it nudges us closer to the ledge as we watch our hits tumble down. So at least stick around for a minute and 43 seconds to see Hogan arrogantly shuffle through a standard wedding reception dance, then turn it into Hulkamania going wild before dancing with a cute little Hulkamaniac. It might have been a midget, I’m not sure. (Posted by the Honky Tonk Man on his very active Twitter account.) -Eric

He Can See Us Too

Joe Champion at his hotel before Wrestlemania 27.

In my Post Wrestlemania Round Up article, I had this to say:

Another outfit that we saw was the gentleman who was “blind”. He had on sun glasses, a tap stick and a sign that read “Even this blind guy can see John Cena.” The worst part of this outfit was the fact that he insisted on his friend “walking” him the whole way through the Georgia Dome. If he was my friend, I would have whooped his ass when he came up with the idea.

As you can see in the above picture, Joe Champion stumbled onto our site and was quite cool about me beating up on him. I love that kind of person. You can also see that my memory was a bit fuzzy because I had the wording on his sign wrong. I wish the friend was in the shot because it would recreate what we saw better.  Joe and a friend are running a wrestling school and shows in Florida so give his site a look and contact them at It’s the least you can do for a fellow wrestling fan and hopefully new Stunt Granny reader. -Kevin

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