PWO – Season 4 – Episode 9

The Flatiron Building in New York City by Daniel Burnham. Read the final analysis to find out why I used this picture.

Joe Dombrowski and Aaron Maguire introduce the show. Joe tells us that Bobby Shields versus Raven is the main event. Dombrowski mentions that “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross was on another national TV show (Tough Enough). He questions how good Maguire’s connections are to help Marion Fontaine’s chances in the title match by getting rid of Cross. Maguire dodges the questions by going to the ring to celebrate with “The Megastar” Marion Fontaine. Fontaine brags about being at the top of the company. Fontaine admits that Maguire is his business associate. Maguire said that he’s thrown everything at Jason Bane but his best investment against him has been Fontaine. “The Megastar” starts badgering Justin LaBar. Fontaine says that LaBar giving him a hard time helped to inspire him to the PWO Title.  Fontaine rips LaBar for sitting behind a computer. “The Megastar” says that Bane needs the PWO Title to be PWO’s most dominant man. Dombrowski notes that the main event next week is Jason Bane against Marion Fontaine for the Title and previews the rest of the show.

Analysis: Dombrowski, Fontaine & Maguire covered a lot of ground which I think hurt the segment. It was a bit of information overload. I don’t think it was necessary to include LaBar into this spot because the rest of the information was history between Bane & Maguire or Fontaine & the Company. By the tone of Fontaine’s comments, I got a good feeling that we’re going to see LaBar in the ring at some point. Yuck. It’s good to lay out the previews of the show but having previews before and after the in ring promo was bad. Put them at the beginning or end. They also could have just stuck to this week’s show and just hyped the Title defense later in the show. The information was conveyed well enough but not the best work from any of them. Score: 0.

Matthew Justice is backstage. He talked about feeling good with a tag team (with Raven) victory over Krimson and Jason Gory. He said he’s going to march into the mouth of hell that Krimson vowed to unleash on the PWO. Justice finish by saying “I’m young. Metal. And ready to attack.”

Analysis: I’m not a fan of many of the tag lines on this show. This one bummed me out more than usual though because he did a great job with the material leading up to it. Score: +1.

Back from commercial, they showed Fontaine’s victory over Johnny Gargano (and Jason Bane) to capture the PWO Heavyweight Title. That took up too much time. I did mean to mention that they’re still showing Portia Perez in the introduction video. I’m glad they haven’t tried to get a woman’s feud going this year. They seemed to have too many problem with the consistency of those story lines.

Daniel Arkhum came out to take on Corey Winters. Maguire denied knowing who knocked out Gargano after the title match. Dombrowski assured us that Gargano would be back in the PWO to find out who his attacker was. The announcers are talking a lot about Bane and Fontaine. Winters jaw jacks Arkhum then gives him a driver for the victory.

Analysis: Wow, that was quick.  There wasn’t much to the match. Score: 0.

They hype the other two match for the night again, Raven vs. Bobby Shields and The Sons of Michigan vs. Ben Fruith. They abruptly cut back stage to the Sons. Mattson said he is basking in the victory for the PWO Tag Team Titles. Boone shows the Title belt to the camera as Mattson brags. Mattson said that Fruith is obsolete now that they’re champions. Mattson and Boone agree that they need to hire someone new to do their dirty work on Fruith. Mattson said they’re going home to the city of Champions, Detroit Rock City.

Analysis: It seemed like more rambling to me again. He had some idea where he wanted to go but decided to wing the promo and it didn’t work out. Not awful though and really glad they’re going to bring in someone to take out Fruith because either of them should squash him thus not much of a match. Score: 0.

Nicki Valentino is in the locker room trying to get Bobby Beverly to calm down. Beverly asks Michael Facade what makes him think he’s ready for a TV Title shot. Just because he pinned him last week, it didn’t mean anything. Beverly said he’s the fastest rising star in PWO. Beverly said that he’s the sexiest man in PWO and that Facade hasn’t washed his hair in months. Beverly claimed that isn’t the look of a champion. Valentino chimed in that no one wants Facade on TV. Valentino continued by saying that Raven needs to be taken care of tonight by Shields. Beverly said that Sex Appeal “Always finishes on top.”

Analysis: Beverly is really on a roll this year. Easily the best guy cutting promos. Their tag line is solid. Throwing Valentino in there only drug the segment down but it made sense why he was around. It was confusing though that Beverly wasn’t there to say anything about his match up on this show. Score: +1.

Pedro De Lucca introduces Brian Castle (no graphics except “The Sons of Michigan” so I hope that is spelled right) who is over 350 pounds. Ben Fruith comes out. Dombrowski hyping him cracks me up. (It’s gotten to be so over the top it’s funny.) Fruith clocked in at 145.  Fruith went for his patented Roll Up but then got leg dropped. Castle slams Fruith then is told to go for a second. A pin only gets two. The crowd gets a “Detroit sucks” chant going. Castle splashes Fruith but still only gets two. Castle misses a second splash, gets rolled up but kicks out. Castle strangles Fruith on the middle rope but doesn’t break on the five count because of Mattson & Boone. The Sons attack Castle after the match.

Analysis: Yawn. Could be worse but it keeps the story moving along. Score: 0.

Jason Bane said that he has gone through all of his opponents even Aaron Maguire. Bane saved he survived Raven’s Rules. He said he finally gets a one on one match for the Title against Fontaine. Bane said that he’ll walk out of the match as Champion.

Analysis: Bane is one of the yeller promo guys. He toned it down but still repeated a couple of lines, basically. Another OK promo. Score: 0.

Bobby Shields takes on Raven. Shields grabs the mic and runs down his look. He goes on to say he doesn’t care about his accolades. Shields said that his look went out in the 90’s just like his career. Raven kicked him in the gut and almost hit the Even Flow. Raven has the mic and says he’ll hit it sometime in this match. Raven lays down to give Shields a head start. Raven got up as soon as the referee rang the bell. Raven talks the referee into a Raven’s Rule match. Raven takes it outside quickly and whips Shields into the guard rail. Dombrowski wonders why Raven didn’t mention Krimson (Que ominous music for what will probably happen later in this match.) Raven lets little kids gets shots in on Shields. (Super lame.) Bobby Shields low blows Raven. They go back outside shortly. Raven gets whipped intoa chair he set up in a corner between the ropes. Shields hammers away on Raven. The crowd starts chanting Raven. It gets him going. Raven eats the drop toe hold into the chair. (That hasn’t gone right for him in a long time.)  Raven gives the Evenflow for the victory.

Analysis: I know why Shields wasn’t in the locker room with the rest of Sex Appeal since he got to work the mic live. Not much of a main event. Raven and Shields should have been able to do better. Again though, it wasn’t terrible, just OK. PWO hasn’t gotten a lot out of the “names” they’ve brought as far as in ring mentoring on TV. I hope they helped out some backstage or in training. I’m surprised Krimson & Gory didn’t attack Raven after the match. Score: 0.

Final Score: 2/8. Final Analysis: It was just an OK week. Nothing really stood out aside from Justice and Beverly’s promos. Nothing bombed either. Normally when the score is this low, it’s a mix of positive and negative segments. This episode was just a bit flat. -Kevin

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