So Tough Enough Has A Scandal?

Ok look, tipped me off to this but Jason makes you go to the site to search out pics. So, I feel kind of dirty now. Here’s the skinny, apparently Luke Robinson, a current contestant on Tough Enough (the dickhead who has delusions of grandeur) used to wrestle for BG East where he goes by the name Donnie Drake.  If you aren’t familiar with BG East here is a brief description from their site.

BG East is your source for erotic, varied, quality wrestling action.

Yup, it is erotic  wrestling, oh and there are no women so that makes it gay wrestling entertainment. Now here is the part where I will lose a majority of people. This is a great idea. They already have bondage wrestling featuring girl on girl action so why not a bunch of oily dudes wrestling each other but this time make it totally gay?
But that is for another time. Right now Luke is going to have to answer for his performances in Hunkbash 11 and Demolition 13. Hunkbash 11 looks like it may have a better quality match but the gay is amped to eleven. Hell that one guy is pantsing himself in one of the pictures.

Now look, who really gives a fuck about this? He’s an adult. Maybe he did it for money or maybe he did it for cock. Does it even matter? Well it will in WWE. If Luke survives Tough Enough and gets a contract he is toast in the locker room. No chance he survives this. Even in WWE’s corporate environment the boys are going to destroy this guy. -Jeremy

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