Shelly Martinez has a web series called Sprinkles

Do you like watching web series? Did you like Sucker Punch? Do you like Nazi’s? how about Cats? Well if you said yes to all or none of these then Shelly Martinez has a show for you. Yup, she has her very own web series entitled “Sprinkles.

Sure she has retired from wrestling. Sure this looks low budget but it is Shelly Martinez and when she isn’t retweeting everything under the firey sun,  seems like a cool chick. It also helps she is gorgeous. Yup, always a good way for us to like someone. So what if it isn’t considered professional.

Now this series looks perplexing. It is obviously low budget. It reminds me of those Cinemax movie rip offs like “The Hills Have Thighs” and “Spiderbabe.” This though may actually be tongue in cheek so it seems to be too soon to bash it.

From the trailer above though we do look to be guaranteed the following items: Mick Foley cameo, ODB appearance, Nazi S&M, a hotdog with nunchucks, Land of The Lost inspired special effects and possibly Mil Mascaras. When you look at it that way, this may be something to catch? I don’t know.  I quit doing drugs a long time ago.  -J

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