Asshole doesn’t get enough cheese at WWE Raw house show

Re-enactment: Internet user finds holy grail

According to, some fat asshole did not receive enough cheese with his pretzel at a recent house show in Highland Heights, Ky. Pro wrestling fan and Internet user Jeremy Moses reported the following:

I paid $10.50 for a pretzel with cheese along with a souvenir cup of Mountain Dew…you would not believe how small the cup of cheese that came with the pretzel was. The damn cup was only the diameter of a quarter if that. If I’m getting a pretzel with cheese for $4.50, damn it, there better be more cheese than was in that cup! I expect to pay $6.00 for a souvenir cup, so no big deal on that.

Only his write-up for the main event of John Cena vs. The Miz received more description than his complaint that he wasn’t given enough grease-laden cheese-like product in which to dip his salty, doughy pretzel. In that time, he managed to push the word “damn” out from inside his proverbial digital cheeks twice to portray his anger (and his Southern roots). Oh, I’m sorry, would you have preferred the concession guy, who works for about 15 cents an hour, fill your souvenir soda cup with cheese instead, you piece of shit? And does it come as any surprise that this guy ordered Mountain Dew, by the way? I’m sure he’s practically knocking over his can of Dew right now, grunting his way over to his keyboard to write some complaint to us, halfway through which he’ll get winded and need to rest. (Note: I have no idea what this guy looks like, but I used to weigh 266 pounds and would frequently drink god damn nacho cheese out of a souvenir Mountain Dew cup, so I have personal background on this topic.) Anyway, somewhere, Matt Hardy is scribbling a note to himself on the back of a Burger King wrapper to never visit Highland Heights, Ky., or at least check the local media for potential dairy shortages before he goes. -Eric

Stunt Granny Audio #141

So much trash, it looks like my curb on Thursday.

In this Kneejerk Edition of Stunt Granny Audio, Dusty and Eric discuss the recent surgery of John Morrison (and wonder why R-Truth is getting a push out of it), the recent motorcycle accident of Shane Helms (and wonder why Velvet Sky is still being a rat about it), UFC offering insurance to its fighters (and wonder if WWE and TNA will get scared into also doing it) and Wade Keller being on Twitter (and wonder if the internet vegan community is better off for it). They also squeeze in a little talk about Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler, as well as a surprise appearance from Sean Mooney. (Who?) All this and not much more if you click the link below!

Stunt Granny Audio Show #141

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