Stunt Granny Audio #142

I wasn't going to waste this picture @maryseOuellet posted on Twitter.

Jeremy and Kevin double down on Audios for this week by coming back to serve up some talk on “Breaking News” that will surely be old by the time you listen to it. They go on to talk about long term planning that springs from the simple question of why the only characters being push on WWE television after the draft. What ways could the WWE even things out? The guys also talk about brand pride and how it could work it’s way into the lazy writing the WWE annually trots out after Wrestlemania. Jeremy and Kevin wrap things up by doing a speed round on TNA’s upcoming pay per view Sacrifice. Click the link below to enjoy this earful of goodness.

Stunt Granny Audio Show #142

4 Responses

  1. Man I was just gonna post how stupid twitter was after the eric & dusty show 141 but damn. I gotta go waste some dna.

    • I haven’t listened yet. I’ll have to hear what they said. It can be a giant pain in the ass but we’re trying to get more eye balls on the site and it seems to be working. I should do a photo hunt more often. That picture fell in my lap while I was bashing TNA. Something came out of my lap after that. -K

    • I wonder what actualjeffbrown thinks about twitter…

  2. NotJeffBrown is my evil doppelganger. Or me typing at the computer with a false mustachio, like Mr. Burns and Mr Snrub.

    I no likey twitter as well. Nobody should get a 1,000 “friends” on anything, anywhere. If that is your goal well then maybe it’s time to aim higher. Kevin this is not directed at the granny.

    I could spend a whole evening/night licking Maryse. I imagine her skin tasting like perfumed fruit with a hint of salt. Someday I’ll meet her and make that proposition. I’ll be arrested , but Mandela taught me jail shouldn’t hamper a cause.

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