Stunt Granny Audio Show #143

Moses wandering in the desert is a metaphor for the show and the state of wrestling.

Jeremy and Kevin are back for the second consecutive week to drop some knowledge on you. They start by talking about Raw, the timing of pay per views and why none of these matches feel like they’ve been hyped. It takes a weird turn after that when they explore the studio space and move on to talking about the general state of wrestling and if it would be missed if it was taken off television. Does Zach Ryder figure into their future plans? Can someone shoot to the top of the WWE like Brock Lesnar? Which dead horses do they raise with the book of Necronomicon? Take some peyote in the desert, grab your bong and take a rip or do like Kevin does and drink a sippy time beer and enjoy this journey through sound.

Stunt Granny Audio Show #143

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