PWO – Season 4 – Episode 12

The picture will make sense when you read the review.

Joe Dombrowski introduced Vic Travagliante as color commentary again. N8 Mattson takes on Jason Bane in the main event while Jason Gory takes on Michael “The Bomber” Facade. Corey Winters takes on Bobby Beverly for the TV Title. Beverly came to the ring with Nicki Valentino. Winters came out second as the challenger. Odd. Pedro De Lucca went with the formal introductions. Valentino takes over for Tavagiante on color. Beverly gets the upper hand early. Good suplex from Beverly. Beverly drop kicks Winters in the head as he’s on his hands and knees. They put a graphic up saying “More action after the break”.

Analysis: I’d imagine the graphic was added because they usually have a call to the commercial break so it wasn’t planned until post production, in my opinion. A pretty lazy start to the match. There wasn’t quite enough action to want to keep me involved. I’ll wait to grade it though.

Dombrowski tried to ask Valentino about Aeroform but he was so goofy, Dombrowski abandoned the line of questioning. Winters got in some punches and kicks. Winters went for the Snap Mare Driver but Beverly pushed him into the mat face first. Beverly gave him a thrust kick, waited then tagged him with another. Valentino said Sex Appeal values wrestling. They pimp the main event again and other match again.

Analysis: I think the match was wrestled well. Winters and Beverly have both progressed over the last couple of years. That being said, the stuff surrounding the match wasn’t good. Valentino doesn’t seem to have a good grasp of his character. He needed to say more goofy shit to live up to the gimmick. Dombrowski could have led him more but acted upset and abandoned questions that could have led Valentino down the goof path. Dombrowski also need to hype the win a bit more to me. Beverly showed a sadistic side by waiting to give Winters the second thrust kick. He did point out what a roll was inter was on but didn’t translate it well after the victory. Score 0

Dombrowski pimps all of the internet forums while Valentino pretends to not know what Youtube is. Brian Bender comes out with Brian Castle, who is doing Norman without the lunatic part. The Homeless Handicapped Connection, Hobo Joe & Gregory Iron, take them on. Castle high fives everyone including the referee. Iron starts out against Castle. Iron gets in some basic offense then tagged in Joe. Castle got pie faced with his own hand. (Wow, this is bad comedy.) Joe gave Castle a face buster.Bender got tagged in. Bender with a urinogi. Castle tagged himself in. He argues with Bender. It allowed Joe to tag Iron. Iron bounced Bender to the outside. Castle missed a splash. Joe tagged in. Castle gave Joe an airplane but made himself dizzy. Joe rolled up Castle for the win.

Analysis: Nothing good to say about this match. Moving on. Score: -1.

Gory told us big names were being taken out by Krimson. Gory said that pain teaches you things. Krimson is going to crush our dreams. We also haven’t seen anything yet. Analysis: All seems really familiar. Too short in my book. Score: 0.

Shima Xion said he hasn’t had his head in the game recently. He is now focused after beating Matthew Justice. Xion said he is focusing on the TV title. Analysis: He has charisma. I don’t think it was the best promo. He looked away from the camera too much. I liked the content. Score: 0.

Gory is led to the ring by Krimson. Facade came to the ring alone. (Dummy) Gory jumped Facade when he had his back turned. A chain of quick moves led to reversals and small offense early. Gory turned it in his favor with a rake to the eyes. Gory gave him the running Miz clothesline in the corner. Dombrowski hyped next week’s matches. Action is slow with Gory staying on offense. Gory distracted the referee so that Krimson could get in cheap shots. Gory hung Facade on the top rope after failed attempts at a bring him in suplex. Facade gave Gory a neck breaker and elbow drop combination. Both were slow to recover. They exchanged punches and forearms. Facade kicked Gory in the side of the head. Facade looked like he screwed up a head scissors but ended up looking like a seated senton. The gui came off. Facade draped Gory thru the top and middle rope and gave him a sling shot leg drop over the back of the neck. Spring board bulldog and Arabian moonsault only gets Facade a two. Code Breaker by Gory turns things around. Krimson got knocked off the ring apron. Krimson pushed Facade off the top rope. Gory with “Trepidation” which was a spinning Pile Driver. Valentino wondered if that victory made Gory the number one contender for the TV Title.

Analysis: Solid match. Facade has a habit of slipping on some of his spring board moves. Gory has toned down the flipping but his ground offense is hard to believe because he’s so small. Really strange to have someone lose who is going for a belt next week. Xion (heel), Gory (heel) & Facade (face) all have their eyes on Beverly (heel). Log jam for this title that needs to be broken with another face or people getting out of the picture. Score: +1.

“The Megastar” Marion Fontaine said our emotions get the best of us. He said he had a bad attitude after he lost the PWO title. He apologized to Justin LaBar and the internet fans.  He said he was sorry he didn’t lay LaBar out. He said he’d feel sorry for LaBar if he isn’t ready for physicality. Controversy creates cash. (Yuck) He said the controversy put PWO on the map. He said he was sorry for LaBar because he was in Fontaine’s path.

Analysis: Good promo. I knew he was going to U turn on the apology but it was well set up and executed. The only thing that was bad was it looked like it was recorded in his bedroom. Score: +1.

Mattson came to the ring with Boone and a mystery woman. She opened the ring ropes for Mattson. Jason Bane came out second. (Correct order in this championship bout). De Lucca did the introductions. Valentino did a good job of scouting Bane and Mattson. (Best work by him on the night) Mattson stalled.  Big shoulder block by Bane got Mattson to take a breather on the outside. Mattson suckered Bane into a test of strength but only got a temporary hand up until Bane chopped him to take a break for a commercial again.

Mattson was in control after the break. Mattson tried to put his feet on the ropes for a pin. Boone slid something into Mattson, distracted the referee then Mattson popped him in the throat with it. Mattson locked in a sleeper. Bane backed into a corner to dislodge Mattson. Mattson missed a splash into the corner. Boone distracted Bane. Boone held Bane but he slipped out and Mattson gave a running knee to Boone. Bane had the F5 countered. Mattson went running the ropes and ran into a Bane Line. Bane and Boone went face to face as my DVR cut off.

Analysis: Good match between two solid workers. The first part was usual chicken shit heel stalling so it wasn’t great. After the break, things picked up.  Good win for Bane. Mattson can recover especially since the Sons of Michigan have the Tag Titles. I liked the stare down but Boone has lost to him at least once, if not twice somewhat recently. Score: +1.

Final Score: 2/7. Final Analysis: I used the goose egg picture because of all of the zeros at the beginning of the show. Nothing else in the show inspired me to change the picture even with three plus segments to finish up the show. Nicki Valentino wasn’t good as the color man mainly because he didn’t talk much. If they expect to use Vic Travagliante more often, he needs more of a try out. It did make sense to have Valentino on mic for the opening match but he should have left after that match.

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