Stunt Granny Poll: Which pro wrestler is best known in mainstream America?

This is the start of a larger conversation the Stunt Granny crew is currently having via instant message. (Did I say “currently”? Because I meant “after business hours.”) This is also a small chunk of a larger list of wrestlers whose mainstream acceptance and recognition we intend to discuss soon. We just want to get your thoughts on a few of the outliers (or in Hall and Nash’s case, outsiders). The wrestler(s) who gets your vote is the one whose name Joe Q. Sixpack would most likely respond to with, “Oh yeah, that wrestler,” as opposed to, “Who in the hell are you talking about, hillbilly?” As always, leave a comment!

(Author’s note: It didn’t even click with me that this same discussion is happening in the Bruce Mitchell Zone of the VIP Forum, and that thread started because of a Bruce Mitchell Audio, to which I don’t listen anymore. That’s OK, multiple perspectives are welcome. And the Ultimate Warrior does belong in the discussion.)

3 Responses

  1. Who wrote this article? Just wondering babies.

    • I did (this is Eric). The four of us rattled off around 15 names of semi- or well-known wrestlers, and I randomly chose five of them for this poll. Not much rhyme or reason to the inclusion of these five in particular (well, six since I listed both Hall and Nash). And I agree about Cena; over time he’ll prove to be a big fish in a small pond and not much of a difference maker in terms of draw, star power, uplifting the WWE brand or revolutionizing an in-ring style. He’ll just be the guy who could ham it up in a PG era. -E

  2. I do want to add that I think Cena isn’t that well known or even going to be looked back on as a big draw. I got people all upset a few months ago on the Torch board with that statement. Better than Diesel and Bret sHart but nothing to spank your dick over.

    Putting Cena on these lists are like music mags including current groups in “best of” lists so their current readers don’t bum out over things sucking dick these days.

    Not directed at you guys but the “real” sites.

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