Kevin’s Blog: Almost Live, Definitely Half Assed Review of Raw

I watched Tough Enough first. I waited to watch Raw.

I couldn’t quite pass up watching this show. Austin screwing with them at the ending is awesome. This show he is coming away looking the best. He’s rattling cages. Not too surprised Jeremiah got booted. The show seemed to be leaning that way. He can get into wrestling easy with more time. Andy has more stepping to do to win this competition.

Starting my viewing at 9:45. I should be able to catch up. It’d be nice to be ready for bed at a decent time. Nice little troops tribute. We go black then R-Truth pops on the screen with no sound. Is this planned? A sign, more black back to the no sound R Truth. Always a fun gimmick. We get a little bit of sound. Cole calling Truth bizarre. They are playing the problems as an angle. Nice of Truth to find the plant family. Sound is acting dumb again. I’m all for different beginnings but this sucks. I do dig the crazy R Truth guy. Wow, who is the broad in the front row in the tie top ref’s jersey. She’s pretty fucking hot. R Truth versus Cena in the main event.

Kharma to speak live? What the hell, she’s got to explain the pregnancy? Awesome.

Kofi Kingston takes on my boy Dolph Ziggler, who went to Kent State. Oh, did I mention that their baseball team is ranked #25 and just won the MAC regular season and tournament securing a bid in regionals for the third time in four years? You didn’t think I’d pass up a chance to toot horns, did you? Cole apologizes to Lawler again. At least they acknowledged the awkwardness. Vickie is looking better these days. Still can’t fix that face though. The match was not impressing me early. It barely got traction before the commercial.

The match was starting to move until some botched series. Kofi hits the Boom Drop. Dolph almost gets the sleeper. Dolph lets Kofi airballed on a top rope splash. Rocker Dropper only gets a two. The announce booth is better as two guys. Let’s hope Cole stays off Smackdown. Zig Zag gets the victory for Dolph. Nice. They try to make the US Title seem important. Alex Riley is back on Raw to apologize to the Miz.

Del Rio gets the big entrance so I can grab cheese. I am drinking Intercourse Brewing company Paradise Pale Ale from Wilkes-Barre, PA. Pretty tasty. Replay of last week’s angle. I get to FF. Ricardo only speaks in Spanish to explain that it was an accident. Hello Eve. How was that PG?

They pimp KK on Maxim 100 again. KK provides the distraction for twin magic. Is it magic if it doesn’t lead to the pin?  KK gets the hot tag.  One of the twins breaks up the pin but KK goes Rocker Dropper for the win. She gets a reaction. Kharma speaks is a segment again. Riley preview again. Maybe PWO isn’t as bad as I thought.

Cole explains the Riley and Miz happenings. Riley was signed by the Raw GM? Teddy Long sucks. Replay from last week. Riley gets his own music. Cole runs down the betrayal of Riley. Cole was still pleading Miz’s case. Cole toned down, just being a heel is working.  Miz attacks Riley from behind. Good way to jump start the kid’s career. He’ll lose but if he looks good, all will work out. Miz looking sharp even in pink. Miz is catching a beating from Riley. See, Riley looks strong but Miz will get the win in the end.

Punk versus Rey. It has a lot of billing to live up to. Great body of work. Ryan tosses Rey into the post for the commercial break.

Mysterio with a suicide dive that tosses Punk over the announce table. Nice sequence of moves. These guys are really good in the ring together. Punk gets the win with a distraction from Ryan. I mean, I was already gushing about their match. What else is there to say? Austin on Fallon talking about Tough Enough.

Kharma is in the ring after a review of what happened last week. She talks about getting trained in dojos in Japan. She talked about her dream coming true and getting into the WWE. She vows to be back. The Bellas interrupt. I mean, are they actually putting something into the Divas the last two weeks? Kharma ends by saying she hopes they’re there in a year because she’s got a new dream. Cool deal. I really liked that segment. They talk about another or the same cheesy segment. I’m not sure if that new or a replay. They all suck.

Jack Swagger takes on Evan Bourne. Winner of this match is going somewhere. Not sure if it’s far. Swagger is a traitor to Cole. Swagger still acting like a heel. Lawler insulting a diploma fro Oklahoma. What would JR think of that King? Bourne rolls thru to get the win. Oh no, is Swagger getting the losing streak gimmick? I think he could be after his reaction and how much they concentrated on it. #RyderRevolution

I FF thru the Truth intro and replay of earlier. I didn’t quite catch up but am not far behind. Truth stalls. Truth yells at the fans. Five Knuckle Shuffle leads to another breather. He can’t be that much of a bitch. I didn’t expect him to win. Or at least win clean. Truth gets the cheapie count out win. Nice. Truth goes to talk to Jimmy and his father. Cena finally “saves” the “father”. A little slow on the reaction John. -Kevin

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