Kevin Nash cleared of battery charges, is awesome on Twitter

Kevin Nash

Kevin Nash, doing all the training he needs to beat up a drunk fan, Ricky Morton and a guy on Twitter, all at once.

According to, Kevin Nash was cleared of battery charges in Florida (that’s pretty vague, but OK) stemming from an incident at a restaurant where a drunk man hit on Nash’s wife, and then the drunk man claims Nash hit on *him*… with his *fists*! Turns out there was no evidence of this humongous seven-foot-tall former pro wrestler, pro bouncer and pro drunk beating the man up (although according to, Nash held the man down until police arrived), so the case was dismissed. Nash added this a few hours ago on his Twitter account:

What great journalism TMZ provides. Nothing about the guy trying to attack me w/ a beer bottle.Guy w/ tattoo’s always gets arrested.

That’s why my tattoo is on the small of my back; it’s an arrow pointing to my butt with text in Old English that reads, “Yes, officer? 😉 ”

In other news, Nash was on a small roll last night on Twitter (@RealKevinNash), talking shit about Ricky Morton. No idea what it’s based on except possibly this YouTube video from three years ago:

Well, Morton would happily take Nash’s money, that’s for sure. Nash said this on Twitter:

Ricky Morton has run his dicksucker for years and I will not put him over. Ricky Walmart is looking 4 greeters, lose the Joe Dirt due

Yep, a new term for “mouth” from Big Sexy. Some dude with the Twitter handle WILDMANBS retorted:

It’s still real to me, dammit!

Oh no, that was that other guy. The WILD One wrote:

Ricky Morton is a legend…you ruined WCW with your “booking!” WCW was top of the line, then you came along! LOL!

To which Nash replied:

Legend dead beat dad 4 going to jail 4 not paying child support.guess your standers are pretty low.matching your IQ

I could spend time hating on Nash for insulting a man’s IQ while spelling “standards” wrong, but I think we know how often Nash & Co. had to deal with Standards and Practices from AOL-Time Warner, so let’s chalk that up as a mistake. On the other hand, WildmanBS appears to be a cross-eyed, college sports-loving doofus from a place called Al…a…bama? Whatever that is, I fear there are more like him there, so I better not shake the retard’s cage anymore. -Eric

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  1. As I saw posted on another board: “That’s what Nash gets for having a wife who turns heads in restaurants.”

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