Stunt Granny Audio Show #146

Kevin's Canucks Jersey! No joke.

Yep that’s right it is The Stunt Granny Audio Show comin at ya. Kevin and Jeremy talk some wrestling for ya so you don’t have to do your own thinking. They talk about the Zack Ryder snub from this past Monday. Zack may have come out the better for not being on the show. Why? Well listen. They also talk about the emergence of R-Truth.  They give props where they are due but wonder when he is going to run out of steam. They round out the show with a rundown of the Capital Punishment PPV before talking about Roberto Luongo’s horrible hair. SO check it out. You have to have an hour to kill.

Stunt Granny Audio Show #146

Great WWE video: Top 10 Jimmys hated on by R-Truth

I’m pretty sure I’ve spent my share of time disrespecting R-Truth in the past, from his weak-ass rapping at the Taco Bell drive-thru to his inclusion on a WrestleMania DVD cover when his breakdancin’ ass wasn’t even booked on the card. But you know what? When a wrestler really comes out of his shell and does good work, it needs to be recognized, and the above video deserves that recognition. Hell, I’d rather buy Capitol Punishment to see R-Truth cut a 20-minute promo now, not to see him flail around with “Mr. PPV” John Cena. Check the video out and see how, in WWE and in life, R-Truth gets “diddly squat.” (Brilliantly awkward cameos by Jim Brunzell, Jim Powers and Sean Mooney!) (Thanks, Kevin Wang!) -Eric

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