Kevin’s Blog: Almost Live, Definitely Half Assed Review of Raw

I was watching the Home Run Derby. This is a Kentucky Derby hat. Much more attractive picture even if Prince Fielder's beard is awesomeness.

Yeah, aw recorded for me while I was scarfing down dry rubbed wings at the Winking Lizard. I also had Thirsty Dog Whippet Wheat and Columbus Brewing Company Summer Teeth for #SippyTimeBeers. Jeremy gave me a “spoiler” in terms of what happens. It’ll be interesting to see if I agree with him when I hear the promo. Time for the review.

CM Punk gets to kick things off. He looks like he wants to molest someone with that mustache. I tweet and half pay attention to Punk’s recap. Lots of cheers. I already can’t wait until he comes back. Punk gets to finish on the Kiss My Ass Club line before Cena interrupts. Punk still getting lots of cheers. They’ve sold me on the PPV already. I have to blog it. Actually live, or mostly live. The dogs will need walked at some point. Jeremy was right. Cena delivered before the interruption by the Raw GM. If he said it, it must be convincing. I’ve defended Cena for a long time, only finally giving up a couple of months ago. He restored my faith some. Jeremy asked if Punk to Cena could be Benoit to the Rock. Only time will truly tell but Cena has had to go against the Rock recently and now Punk. He’s in above his head and if he truly cares about wrestling like he said in Australia, Cena will step it up on the mic.

Cena has to take on McGillicutty & Otunga. We all know that 1 is always better than 2 in wrestling. Duh. I’m going to miss hearing Killswitch Engage every week.

Cole doing a great job of putting over the WWE Title as the biggest. McGillicutty should not be frustrated after Cena kicked out of a drop kick. No one is shocked Cena wins and he gets a cheer that shows some people are cheering for both Punk & Cena.

I FF thru the Mark Henry vignette. Thanks for saving me time. My boy Dolph rehearses with Vickie. Drew joins in to make it a comedy skit. OK, maybe comedy is the wrong word to use. None of it is funny. They get to take on the Big Show. Scott Sanford! Yep, that was the extent of it.

The Bellas are on commentary. Buckle up kids. I do dig Melina’s goth look. Awful match. Melina is a better wrestler than that, I think. Picking on her looks. KK looks like she’s going to cry. At least she attacked. Eve makes things attractive again.

Miz getting a solid amount of cheers. Swagger comes out. Can’t wait for a parade of participants. Yep, Bourne. His athleticism sets him apart. He slid into the ring and got as much attention as Miz did with a good starting promo. Kofi gets to deliver a good promo. Truth! He cracks me up. Riley goes straight for Miz which brings out Del Rio. I believe in Del Rio’s destiny. Riley, Truth, Bourne & Swagger are out easily. Miz has a chance. 6 man match.

September 5th, we (the fine city of Columbus) get Raw. Nice. Tickets go on sale Saturday.Show on Burn Notice. I’ll be watching as always. Back to the match. Crowd starts a “We Want Ryder”. The WWE will remain deaf. Rey is the other contestant. Thought someone was missing. He has a chance but very slight. You don’t need to build up someone who can get a Title match at any time.  We get a commercial break.

Double DDT gets a hot tag for Riley. He’s showing a lot of fire. Riley gets the pin. Finishers come after the match is over. De Rio nails everyone with a ladder. Kind of a bad ass face move. They let me FF thru the Vince skits. Very kind of them to let me skip a lot of show this week. I might finish by midnight. Dolph & Drew are in the ring as they go to commercial.

My boy takes the coward route and tags in Drew. Dolph hides like a smart guy. Also shows you they want to protect him. Couldn’t they try to build someone up instead of burying McIntyre even more? Henry bull rushes and injures all three of them. Fun enough segment.

MITB build up that I get to FF thru. And now Vince’s slow waltz to the ring. Punk does the crowd favorite and mentions the ice cream bars. After the apology speech, the crowd is very pro-Punk. Wait until Chicago. Even Lawler looks impressed in the back ground. Punk is destroying.  Even using the “What?” chant. Cena interrupts. Let’s see if he can close the deal. Doesn’t last for a minute. Jokes galore. Fuck. Punk destroys Cena. John stares well. Forgot until this promo, that they were in “Pro-Cena” territory. I’ll expand on that thought in the morning update. -Kevin

Morning After: I hadn’t thought about the location of Raw last night until Punk pointed it out at the end. I’m sure they mentioned Boston more but it never quite dawned on me. As I saw someone note on Twitter, it’s bad when ice cream bars get more pop than the “hometown” boy John Cena. I wish that Vince McMahon being around that crowd would make an impact on his line of thinking but I doubt it. He’s seen people sitting on their hands for years and dipping numbers. McMahon has stayed behind Cena, told him not to change course. The Rock was the first big Superstar to come back and dazzle on the mic when he was given more room to roam verbally. Steve Austin came back for Tough Enough and was allowed similar latitude. CM Punk is the first present Superstar to be allowed free reign. We can only hope Vince & Company let more Superstars lose so that we can truly get behind a new era of wrestling because this one sucks aside from those three exceptions. -Kevin

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