Kevin’s Blog: Definitely Live & Half Assed Review of Money in the Bank

Why can't they use a nice leather briefcase?

Let’s see how this works out. I just let my dogs play in the fields near my condo so that they’d wear themselves out. So far, so good. I’m hoping to cover this whole pay-per-view live. I’ve now ordered three pay-per-views this year. Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber were for Wrestlemania build-up. CM Punk talked me into this one.

We get started with the Smackdown MITB match. Sin Cara gets to top off the high spots but Sheamus looked like a complete dummy waiting for him. Sheamus getting a solid pop for the Brough Kick on Sin Cara shortly after. First CM Punk chant of the night. Yikes, Sin Cara takes a brutal bump thru the ladder. Wow, that looks really bad. I don’t think you can fake that. Sheamus tried to save him by jumping down to the floor doing the power bomb. The old Nexus doing the smart thing and teaming up temporarily. Rhodes gets his moment to shine. Two Cross Rhodes. I’m glad Sheamus is keeping the green going strong.  Bryan looks hurt after the Road Warriors clothesline. The replay confirms it. Looked like he landed mostly on his right arm. He’s back in a hurry though. Cole is back to just plain annoying. Interesting spot launching Slater onto Kane on the outside. Nice looking 450 by Gabriel on Kane. Awesome, Bryan wins as I talk to my roommate about the US Women’s Soccer team.

I will mention that Jeremy IMed to me around 8:26 that Bryan would cash in the MITB on Punk tonight. Now that it’s trending on Twitter, he’s pissed he didn’t put the theory up himself. We get the Bellas versus Kelly Kelly & Eve, basically. Glad that a babyface Diva got some help against the Bellas. I can’t believe the breather match is this early. I guess Henry vs. Show is a breather match too. KK wins with the Fame Asser. Time to grab some food. I hope.

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