Kevin’s Blog: Definitely Live & Half Assed Review of Raw

In This Moment singer Maria Brink

Though Jeremy and I already planned on doing an audio tomorrow, I’m having a hard time not talking at least a little bit about last night. Wrestling as a whole has provided very few moments the past several years which I’m sure helped lead to the dismal 2.9 rating from last week’s Raw. The only two moments I can think of in the recent past are the Nexus invasion angled which was quickly bungled and the Rock’s first promo back on Raw. The Rock has bungled since then but because of his part time (at best status) he can’t sustain anything. What happened last night was and will continue to be a moment. It made CM Punk a true star. It gave him everything I feel he was valid in complaining about. I just hope they don’t bungle it. Let’s roll on time because of that moment.

Vince’s choice in suits gets more bizarre. Punk walked out on us. That’s what they’re going with? This moment is trying to be pissed on. Big surprise, they’re going to crown a new champion. That’s why Lawler bitching about Punk leaving made no sense last night. I love Del Rio’s fake hand around the brief case. I’m excited about my boy Dolph in this tournament and that’s it. Severe consequences for Cena. We’re supposed to forever remember tonight. You can’t top last night the following evening. Cole selling Cena’s comments on Twitter made it look so story line especially invoking the Rock match for next Wrestlemania.

Miz gets to wait during the commercial break for Riley. Why not save both entrances until after the break? Cole calls the Texas Clover Leaf a Sharp Shooter and he has the balls to call out Booker on Smackdown. What a twit. Riley getting put in his proper place. Not sure why Riley won the first two PPV matches to start with.

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CM Punk is making the rounds

Yeah its has TMZ plastered on it but who cares.

So less than twenty-four hours after winning the WWE Title and then subsequently, from a storyline aspect, walking away from WWE, CM Punk is getting a lot of press coverage. He was spotted by TMZ reporters “celebrating” with the WWE Title on the streets of Chicago. He was then photographed on the field at Wrigley Field before the Cubs lose another game. This isn’t too bad considering Punk got next to no coverage of any sort, including WWE.

You have to admire the fact that CM Punk is celebrating with a Diet Pepsi in hand while some young hotties ogle the gold. Considering his rumored reputation with the ladies can we all hope he banged out early Monday morning? Ace Steel, who got absolutely no mention on line by and of the fans also makes an appearance with his boys. Also of note is Colt Cabana holding the WWE title high above his head. Imagine if he was still in WWE; he could have been afforded that opportunity for real.  Ok, probably not but one can always dream. -Jeremy

Booker T Is The Best Announcer In Pro Wrestling

FUIUD. – Dusty

CM Punk gives WWE Title a new home

cm punk wwe title

Soda, OJ, Purple Stuff, WWE

After an incredible WWE Money in the Bank pay-per-view and an even more incredibler main event seeing CM Punk defeat John Cena for the WWE Title, the most incrediblist thing is that Punk has found a new home for his championship belt. Personally, I’d slap John Cena across the face just for a can of Wild Cherry Diet Pepsi (I love that shit), but I guess pinning him in your hometown for the most coveted prize in sports entertainment works, too. However, I don’t know if the refrigerator is the best place to hide anything; remember that episode of “Punky Brewster” where Cherie shut herself in the fridge during a fateful game of Hide & Seek? I hope someone knows CPR… (Big props to SteveMHW for uncovering this gem.) -Eric

Sin Cara Suspended

Well this explains the loss on Smackdown, then the twitching awkward exit during the Money in The Bank match. See, Sin Cara has been suspended for his first WWE Wellness Policy violation.  They don’t release what exactly he failed but the fact he failed the policy is embarrassing. Maybe this turns out to be a Rey Mysterio type of deflection and he’ll produce a prescription but it still tarnishes Sin Cara and he doesn’t have enough polish right now to recover. All the hype, mood lighting and push he has gotten haven’t amounted to anything substantial. Smackdown ratings are in the grave and is soundly panned for being boring. Hopefully this will allow Sin Cara the time to get used to WWE’s rings and a few lessons in handling pressure. -Jeremy

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