Kevin’s Blog: Definitely Live & Half Assed Review of Raw

In This Moment singer Maria Brink

Though Jeremy and I already planned on doing an audio tomorrow, I’m having a hard time not talking at least a little bit about last night. Wrestling as a whole has provided very few moments the past several years which I’m sure helped lead to the dismal 2.9 rating from last week’s Raw. The only two moments I can think of in the recent past are the Nexus invasion angled which was quickly bungled and the Rock’s first promo back on Raw. The Rock has bungled since then but because of his part time (at best status) he can’t sustain anything. What happened last night was and will continue to be a moment. It made CM Punk a true star. It gave him everything I feel he was valid in complaining about. I just hope they don’t bungle it. Let’s roll on time because of that moment.

Vince’s choice in suits gets more bizarre. Punk walked out on us. That’s what they’re going with? This moment is trying to be pissed on. Big surprise, they’re going to crown a new champion. That’s why Lawler bitching about Punk leaving made no sense last night. I love Del Rio’s fake hand around the brief case. I’m excited about my boy Dolph in this tournament and that’s it. Severe consequences for Cena. We’re supposed to forever remember tonight. You can’t top last night the following evening. Cole selling Cena’s comments on Twitter made it look so story line especially invoking the Rock match for next Wrestlemania.

Miz gets to wait during the commercial break for Riley. Why not save both entrances until after the break? Cole calls the Texas Clover Leaf a Sharp Shooter and he has the balls to call out Booker on Smackdown. What a twit. Riley getting put in his proper place. Not sure why Riley won the first two PPV matches to start with.

They’re pimping another superstar, Morrison, who they stalled a push for a couple of times. Can’t wait for them to kill his push a third time. The crowd is near silent for R Truth. I’m thinking they won’t have anything but these matches tonight. Big Show might be out two months. Nice break for him. If they follow thru with Punk, Cena & Show being gone, people have a chance to step up. I’m trying to be positive. The crowd is understandably dead for a heel on heel match since both of them have been jokes. Swagger needs to just ask for his release.

Del Rio gets to make the long entrance. He’s listed as 263. No way that is true. The crowd is sitting on their hands for Del Rio too. They ask for responses on Facebook & Twitter. How about you listen to the crowd you’re performing in front of. They have time for this bull shit but not Zach Ryder. Commercial break. Please slow this show down more. Great work. That’s sarcasm.

Kofi getting the best response so far. It still wasn’t great. I’d hate to have follow that Chicago crowd who are electric most of the time any way. Del Rio does a nice job tucking Kofi’s arm away from the ropes. Kofi rolls thru the arm bar (That looked awful. I think neither of them did their part.) for the victory. Del Rio would have been an interesting win. Let him have the brief case and put it on ice.Dolph & Rey are ahead. So let me get this straight, it’s going to be Miz (possible) Truth (No way) Kofi (Pretty sure he’s no way) then Rey (possible) or Dolph (Pretty sure he’s no way).

They show when the IC Title mattered. Remember that? Matthews talks to Kofi. He goes positive thinking promo. It’s a nice base but needs some on screen development. Rey’s mask really reminds me of Kiss today more than normal. This crowd sucks. They didn’t cheer for Rey much and Dolph is greeeted by hands on cheese loving rumps.  Dolph with a bizarre submission move. He looks like he’s stretching Rey. The crowd finally gets ato a 619 chant. Ziggler ducks the 619 but only gets two after it. Rey gets a quick 619 & splash after it for the win. I’m even less excited about this tournament. Miz & Rey are both stars. I might give more credit to Kofi now that he’s the only one to have a post match promo. R Truth is still a no way.

This commercial break felt awfully long. I almost saw a full inning of the Reds at Pirates game. A Divas 7 on 7 match greets me. Time to see if Alex Presley got a hit or not. Nope. Thru 3 innings, no score. The Pirates are a moment I’ve been having all season. Alicia Fox keeps getting better looking to me. Cole & Lawler pretend Joey Styles doesn’t work for the WWE. How dumb. Twitter is not working for me on my computer or phone. Jeremy said his is on the fritz too. Beth gets a quick pin. I wish I could say they’ll raise her to prominence but it won’t happen.

I can’t believe they’re doing a commercial this long for Rey’s DVD. I just complained about how long the last break was. I flip to Manchester City versus the Vancouver White Caps. Pirates & Reds still locked at zeros. 2-3-4 coming up for my Buccos. I watched the end of the Reds inning, now a lead off single & a long second at bat. Raw is still in commercial. McCutchen is battling in his at bat and they are in commercial. Matt F’N Diaz is the 5 tonight. Wow, amazing this line up is over .500. Neil Walker gets in on a sac fly by Diaz. Overbay strikes out to end the inning. Raw finally comes back from commercial.

I thought I was missing the programming but they talk about this being the semi finals. Not sure how they fit in 3 matches in twenty minutes unless they used all of their commercial breaks already. Oh my lord, they want Cole to annoy us to no end. Miz getting the injury hype is going to make me vomit. Short match. I’d love to know the amount of commercial time. It seems awfully high. I guess the promos were for the losers of the semi-finals.

The commercial break started around 10:50. It’s now 10:55. It’s not my imagination. Dontrelle Willis exits in the bottom of the 5th. The commercials are still going. What the fuck is happening? Ten minutes of commercials. It’s 11 PM. And now an Andy Leavine video package. I’m flabbergasted.

Actually, I’m more confused now. I thought I was watching the show “Live” but now have figured out that I wasn’t. I must have started using the DVR at some point. I’m not sure when that point was. I’ve only had one beer. Just want to put that out there.

Rey & Truth are having a solid match. First good one of the night. A sequence of reversals ends up with Rey getting a two count after a basement drop kick. Rey wins again with the 619 & splash combo.

Vince postpones the finals until next week. OK, I must not have started the weirdness until really late. I saw HHH coming down at 11:05/06. Vince does what’s right from a business perspective. I guess that 2.9 rating is much better than a 6. My business perspective sucks. Crowd getting a good “CM Punk” chant going. Just like the WWE intended. Cena grabs the mic. Cena playing the good guy saying he didn’t want to play a Shawn Michaels. Cena tells him to make another Cena by Wrestlemania next year. Vince mouths that he can do it. Why are they taking a shot at Hogan? Don’t give those ninnies any help. Must have been my baseball fever that screwed things up. I’m about 23 minutes behind on HHH. A board of directors meeting. HHH tries to meet in the back. Questionable decisions lead to a no confidence vote. Uh oh, the family agrees. HHH is the new day to day operator of the company. Cena cheers when Vince isn’t going to fire Cena. HHH relieves Vince of his duties. Vince getting the tears flowing. HHH tries but is just hanging his head. Even his “I care voice” is bad. After chanting “Goodbye” the crowd gives a nice round of applause. A “Thank You Vince”chant happens before they cut the show off. -Kevin

Morning After: I’m still confused about my error in viewing. I was flipping to the USA channel not my DVR. Oh well. I’m having a hard time with this “No one is bigger than the WWE” mantra that Vince and the announcers were spouting. If no one is bigger than the WWE, then why does Punk leaving with the belt mean anything? He left the WWE so you come up with a new belt. Some of us fans just saw Jake Shields leave Strike Force and go to the UFC with no belt in hand even though he was the Strike Force Welterweight Champion. You have a tournament and you get the new champ. The WWE is now doing that. See, we all get to forget about Punk just like the fans would have forgotten about Cena if Vince had gotten the chance to fire him. I’m sure I could go on but that’s what the audio is for tonight. -Kevin

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