Stunt Granny Audio #150 Part One

Wow, there have officially been a hundred and fifty of these things? What better way to celebrate then to talk to long so you split the show in two? Jeremy and Kevin come at ya this week and in part one they discuss the Money In The Bank PPV. What surprised them? Why didn’t Daniel Bryan cash in after Christian’s beatdown at the hands of Randy “The Animal” Orton? Who will be the first person to lose their MITB chance at the title? They also manage to talk about Chavo Guererro for some reason and it totally goes awry. Speaking of A-Ry, the guys skip over him and discuss the uselessness of Jack Swagger. They rip on Rey Mysterio’s fashion sense and praise the work of John Cena in the main event. It is a fun listen so download and enjoy. Then come back later for part two.

Stunt Granny Audio Show #150 part 1

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