continues coverage of CM Punk-John Cena-Vince McMahon storyline

cm punk

Everybody Loves CM Punk

For those of you who aren’t wised up to yet, well, you better get smart, buddy! Created by Bill Simmons of ESPN Page 2 fame, is a great time-killer with some fine long-form column writing by prosiasts such as Chuck Klosterman, Andy Greenwald, and David Shoemaker, who fancies himself the professional wrestling expert of the site (this inclusion should come as no surprise, since Simmons commonly reports on pro wrestling via his ESPN platforms) under the nom de plume “The Masked Man.” He’d only score more points with me if he called himself the Yellow Dog.

Anyway, Shoemaker cobbled together the cluster of facts, myths, rumors and assumptions from the past month of WWE television to shine a more mainstream light on our latest great worked-shoot storyline, beginning with CM Punk complaining about his perceived value within WWE via Twitter, continuing with his epic speech where he ripped back the curtain on WWE’s backstage politics, climaxing with Punk taking the WWE Title off John Cena’s waist and placing it prominently, um, in his refrigerator, and trudging forward with a Bigfoot sighting in the form of Triple H taking WWE’s reins in a reflection of a transition that’s probably going to happen over the next few years. Shoemaker has a great outsider point of view on the whole thing, one that’s worth reading and keeping up on. -Eric

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  1. I can’t get past the fountain pen.

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