Early buyrate numbers for Money In The Bank PPV

Bill O'Reilly says Money in the Bank did a terrible buyrate. *insert anti semitic remark here*

Meltzer had stuff to say. Read it and weep:

Preliminary indications have Money in the Bank doing in the range of double what Capitol Punishment did in the United States although it won’t be until the end of August when WWE releases a number.

If that’s true, we’re looking at about 400,000 buys for this show. This would be a huge success for WWE. I can’t emphasize enough that this number is not just a result of the recent CM Punk angle, although that is a big reason. Ratings take a while to catch up on what is going on. This number would be the result of a whole year of good stuff happening, which supports my theory that this is the best year for wrestling since 1992. I hate being right so much. It hurts my face. – Dusty

3 Responses

  1. Wetting my pants. Punk is great and maybe there is something to his “ratings don’t really matter” comment. I’ve been legit interested in WWE for weeks now, not just “oh I’ll watch so I can then go see what the news sites have to say”.

    I have a feeling shit is only gonna get better, esp if the buyrates are great. They hit a low with the Miz/Cena “I quit match” and it’s been climbing up since.

  2. Best since ’92? That’s a stretch Dusty, even though I know you have a strong hatred for all things Russo midcard storylines in WWF.

  3. Dusty, Capitol Punishment did 83,000 domestic, so MITB doubling it won’t be anywhere near 400,000. Still great though, especially as it did 90,000 last year.

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