Kevin’s Blog: Almost Live, Definitely Half Assed Review of Raw

That's what I was doing last week.

I’d like to thank Dusty for filling in for me last week. I felt like a review was necessary of Raw. I know I only started this bull shit to build up to Wrestlemania but has become a nice consistent post of which we are not always the best at. So D-man filling in keeps the consistency and makes things different for the readers. I dig that in both ways.

I didn’t tape the end of Raw last week so I had no idea CM Punk came back until watching Smackdown. I hope his intro song didn’t change. It has. I like “Cult of Personality” but dug his previous music much better. Punks yaps about the little bit of change he has caused and that is why he came back. I like his speech about why he came back. HHH breaks up the party. Cole gets to roll his eyes at JR coming back. Now if only the WWE would give us what we’ve wand for years, no Michael Cole. Punk asks what HHH’s personal opinion of him was. Mick Foley is not main event level. HHH is trying to knock down Punk’s ego. Really is quite funny for him to be saying this stuff. OK, Punk gets to talk about the irony. HHH is got blown out of the water. Cool little segment with Morrison showing of the parkour.

The Divas are trotting out for a Battle Royal to take on Kelly Kelly at Summerslam. Cole has gone from good agitation to just bad heel. KK said that her eye is on Beth Phoenix. She’s doing OK against Cole. She needs to be on there more though. Commercial for a Diva’s match. What the hell?

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PWO – Season 4 – Episode 21

We all know who's winning the Champion vs Champion match tonight, right? To make sure click the read more button.

Joe Dombrowski hypes the TV champion Bobby Beverly against PWO Champion Jason Bane for the main event. Joe goes thru some smaller matches while Aaron Maguire sells the neck injury. “Late Night” Nicki Valentino takes on Ben Fruith in the opening night. They exchange some elementary moves. Fruith gave Valentino a hip toss and a pair of arm drags. Fruith air balled on a drop kick. A knee drop to the back got a two count. Fruith gets the boot as Valentino comes of the top rope with a double axe handle. Back slide only got Fruith a two count. Near fall for a Fruith Roll Up. Bobby Shields distracted Fruith. Valentino gets a chain and punches Fruith for the victory. Shields comes in and slapped around a prone Fruith.

Analysis: That match was not good. Valentino didn’t come near the boot Fruith put up. Fruith barely got Valentino over for the arm drags and appeared to both another move the Dombrowski helped to cover. Score: -1.

Krimson knocked on the camera and said that he delivered against Johnny Gargano. Krimson told Bane he was the last obstacle in the way of the Dead Wrestling Society’s complete dominance. He said the glass in the mirror breaks when he holds the PWO Title above his head at Wrestlelution. Analysis: Another good promo that left out the help he got against Gargano. Score: +1.

Aeroform is ready for Wrestlelution. Louis Lynden takes the lead says they’re stronger, faster and smarter than before. They respect Gregory Iron & Hobo Joe. They will not under estimate Brian Bender & Brian Castle. Aeroform can’t wait to get their hands on the Sons of Michigan. Flip said that they will survive and they’ll be next PWO Tag Team Champions. Analysis: Good work by them. It did make me think how the other first two teams do seem a bit over looked in this match especially after Dombrowski noted both the teams from Michigan. Score: +1.

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