Maryse out for hernia surgery, still smokes like brisket

Hotter than bathtub water

As you may recall, Maryse recently filed for an order of protection against me a stalker who offered to take her to heaven with him. Well, according to, Maryse just announced she’s taking time off to have surgery on an abdominal hernia, which she either received from lifting that restraining order against me that guy or from being so sexy that even her ab muscles tried to hop out of her body to look at her. From her Twitter:

allo guys i wont be going physical for awhile, im getting abdominal hernia surgery

Words words words and more words, but really, just store at the picture above in your spank bank until she returns. Either that or make like Travis from East Coast Audio and check out Vickie Guerrero a time or two. Hey, you can’t know good until you’ve experienced bad. -Eric

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