Kevin’s Blog: Almost Live, Definitely Half Assed Review of Raw

Yep, something like this is going to be hitting my hands this week.

So, I’m pumped. This is the last review I will be doing from this computer. I done ordered myself a new lap top because, as I type this, my screen is basically a big blur. Not a way to make this site great. I’d also like to note that it is now it is 10:54 and I turned my computer on at 10:05 PM EST. It is time for an upgrade. We’re talking about adding video content. We’re talking about a lot of things, which is bad ass. As for Jeremy, I’m amused he noted I was trying to get a woman tonight. Keep up with us on Twitter (@Stuntgranny) for additional content as always. It’d be bad ass if I could pull off roller derby girl. Cool cat. Enough about me and the site, on to the review.

Picture pages, picture pages, Nash joked at the Meet & Greet about being HHH’s body guard. We’ll see if it’s true soon enough. I hope he was paid by Del Rio. We get an apology. Del Rio should have cashed it in no matter who won so the mistake was moot in my book. Nash is invited to Raw. Cheap pop HHH. Del Rio gets shoved down our throat more. I can’t wait for his free fall. The belt has really played hot potato recently. I can’t believe that hasn’t been a hot internet topic. Del Rio just feeding the crowd and he finally clubs them like a baby seal. Come on, you know it was coming. I was not impressed.

We get R Truth against John Morrison, again. Thanks for beating this feud into the ground already. Watching this match reminded me that I was watching American Ninja Warrior this weekend. I don’t watch it all the time, but their obstacle courses are awesome and the parkour people love them.

Truth is almost too popular again. His act is so much better though. I didn’t buy a ringside ticket for when Raw hits Columbus in September. I doubt a Falls Counts Anywhere match will pop up again. When was the last time the Raw GM podium was used? I have no idea. The suplexing of Truth into a soft seat was ridiculous. Solid knee to finish him off though.

Miz gets to talk to Jared of Subway who appears to be packing on some pounds. Subway Sucks chant, nice work small contingent of fans. Seriously, that was the segment? Nash on TV so soon after I met him is cracking me up.

KK & Eve vs. the Bellas so we can get a beat down by Beth & likely Natalya. Let’s see how my prediction pans out. Ross still seems a bit off of his game. Eve took her grand time setting up the moonsault. She did look much better on offense than KK. I like the build so far with the women.

Nash gets off to a slow start. The business defense. Of course. Nash says he did it for HHH though. Punk has to drag the promo quality up. Punk, almost gets Nash to laugh. Nash doing a better job with his retorts.  Punks threatens HHH to finish things up. I like the cloudiness of the situation.

Nash gets to talk to Mr. Block of Wood. Is John crossing HHH? Vickie & Dolph are arguing on commentary. Swagger was in a major match at Wrestlemania but will soon losing to A-Ry. Ziggler nailing Lawler with an in shape joke. Awesome. Represent KSU with that quick wit! This match has had as much camera time on the announce table as in the ring. Yep, that’s what is important. Swagger gets to revive his career with Vickie?

Swagger is really going to hook up with Vickie. Please, home boy (In case I wasn’t clear I meant Ziggler), get away from her. Swagger with a good point about having multiple people under her wing. After the Summerslam, I don’t care review we get Punk & Steph. Short but sweet. She could be operating on her own too with Nash. Again, like the cloudiness.

Kofi & Bourne get a title shot since they’ve got no where to go in singles competition. Lawler making a good point about Otunga & McGillicutty being bland. Big surprise, Kofi & Bourne win the non-title match. Oh, just got the Virtual Memory Minimum Too Low. I will be happy to not see that any more soon.

Del Rio & Mysterio being given plenty of time for the main event. Doesn’t seem right to not have Mike Chioda as the refree. I don’t care if they didn’t mention his name. Quick commercial break.

How long until they stop calling it the Undisputed Title? After the announcers mention Del Rio’s year, I reiterate, have fun with that steep drop off. Miz got a segment with no feud unless you count Jared from Subway. You got something to look forward to Alberto. By the way, I think Rey was faking the knee injury. Good gravy is he moving well. Nice finish by Del Rio. They really sucked you into the finish. Rey got the 619 in. Are we in for another Rey vs. Del Rio feud? Cena makes the save. Cena delivering a good promo while still leaving enough holes for retorts. -Kevin

Morning After: I’m sure Jeremy and I will touch on this subject on the audio tonight but I’m not sure why everyone wants to rush to a conclusion with the CM Punk/Kevin Nash/HHH/John “Mr. Block of Wood” Laurinaitis/Stephanie/ Del Rio/John Cena angle. I’d guess with the way the promos went last night that the later two are out of the story line but Nash still could have been paid by Del Rio to inflict the damage on either winner. I’d narrow down the culprits to HHH/Wood/Steph but it’s still a “Who Done It?” that should be strung out some. Punk got plenty of camera time, more than HHH, Del Rio or John Cena for that matter. So they’re not marginalizing Punk since he’s not up for the title. He shouldn’t be up for it either since they’re still playing him more as a heel and Del Rio is a heel. Enjoy the ride, even if the WWE has botched more “Who Done It?” story lines than I care to remember. -Kevin

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