Kevin’s Blog: Almost Live, Definitely Half Assed Review of Raw

If the WWE had this on the Titantron, it'd be the only way for me to enjoy Raw more. In case there's any recourse and that it's not already obvious, picture by

I’m sitting on my couch for the first time ever doing my blog. I had to sit on the most uncomfortable wooden chair in front of my desk to hack away. I know WiFi and a lap top isn’t anything new but hot damn, it’s new to me. I got a Coors Light, two passed out dogs and only 33 minutes of Raw to catch up on. Let’s do it.

I haven’t fully figured this thing out yet. Not sure I completely dig Safari. I have yet to download Firefox. Fancy car by Del Rio. Going all out for Canada, eh? Cheap Canadian joke out of the way for me. Lots of Del Rio signs. The push is working with the belt so far. Cena interrupting very early. I like the introduction joke by Cena. He might be killing the car gimmick. The mole exists again. Jeremy & I just made fun of that last week. CM Punk looks to be back in the title picture. See internet, Punk won’t be forgotten. Punk making fun of Cena having another title shot. Del Rio gets a cheap win in a three way at the next pay per view. Jack Tunney! Punk having his conspiracy. Nice.Del Rio making no sense in his retort to Punk. HHH gives us a moment of his time. Another Punk and Cena match. I hope they give it enough time.

Morrison gets to job to Del Rio. Another good idea to keep Del Rio on a win streak. Ah, Night of Champions. They’re talking up Morrison. He can recover from the loss. Del Rio in control as we hit the commercials.

Del Rio rests his way after the break. His match with Daniel Bryan on Smackdown restored some confidence in him for me. Sloopy ass DDT by Morrison gets him only two.  Nice little ending to the match. Give Morrison a bit of an out with the ring post. Cole making a lame attempt to cover for Del Rio. I can’t blame him for trying at his job. That’s better than normal for him.

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Matt Hardy mugshot released: nothing to see here, move along

Matt Hardy TMZ


Thanks to for keeping up on all the hot wrestling nooz: Matt Hardy’s mugshot has been released and has already made 12 laps around the Internet, but come on, we need to get our licks in, too.

Eric: “It’s not fair to watch a guy faint after hearing ‘I’m sorry, sir, we’re all out of Baconators’ and take a picture of him when he’s only half conscious.”

Jeremy: “Outside of the lump on his head, it looks like a normal pic. I do find it funny that alcohol made his lazy eye weirder, though; I wouldn’t have thought it would go up in the corner like that.”

Kevin: “I wish I could say that he looks drunk but he always has that same dumb look on his face.”


Jordan: “I want a Mattitude fact in the corner.”


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