Kevin’s Blog: Almost Live, Definitely Half Assed Review of iMPACT Wrestling

I'm not sure why this came up under "Let's Do This" but I love it.

Jeremy tempted me earlier this week by saying we could do a TNA Audio (Now available on iTunes. More information to come in the Big 11 on exact details.) I still watch this terrible show because of the site. Well, he back out like a big sissy. So I’m going with a blog. Let’s Do This.

Kurt Angle calls out Crimson. Angle is going to end Crimson’s career. Crimson actually showed some decent fire. Simple stuff for sure. Immortal hits the ring. I’m describing more action because most people haven’t watched this garbage in a while. Good for you. Bully Ray talks down to Crimson. Kurt still acting like he’s not part of Immortal. I’m not sure why Velvet would team that just terrorized her. Jackie is selling the good guy act. When it’s out in the open, wouldn’t Bischoff know they’re not changing? This story line makes no sense.

I just had to take ten minutes to fix the curtains that my dogs tore down. That was more interesting than the rest of iMPACT will be. Bischoff & Hogan are giving Flair a stern talking to. Hogan tries to pretend like Sting is crazy. His acting is terrible. Flair needs to be quiet. Boy, I wonder if he’s not going to stay silent. (That’s sarcasm.) Two random ass tag teams of women. This is terrible booking. ODB still having problems with Velvet. Skye ends up taking the beating for the face team? Angelina beats down Velvet. ODB & Jackie distract Mexican America long enough for Velvet to get the win. Angelina has beef with Mexican America. Hey, one of the teams had to implode. It wouldn’t be a Vince Russo show if it didn’t have that feature.

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Headlines: Great quote from Cornette on Hardys, great article on Flair as a huge sadsack

ric flair

Ric Flair at an autograph signing, taunted by cans of Coke he can't afford.

According to, Ring of Honor executive producer Jim Cornette was interviewed by Monday Night Mayhem and was asked if Matt and Jeff Hardy would be welcome there. The answer I got was no, with a little more flourish:

I haven’t talked to these guys, and I don’t know what their side of the story is, but there always seems to be controversy swirling around The Hardys right now. I believe Ring of Honor would once again take the standpoint that we are going to try and find the young undeveloped talent and expose them to the world, rather than to look to be the place where people come to have a warm place to curl up when they leave the big leagues.

Yep, nope.

Speaking of white trash, according to (and my friend Niemann, who forwarded this link onto me first), Ric Flair was profiled at in an unflattering but completely honest way: The article dives into court papers and records – “thousands of pages,” according to the article – to piece together the many financial, work-related and marital problems the “Nature Boy” has dealt with in the past two-plus decades. It’s an incredible read and absolutely worth your time, but let me pull out a couple of non-Flair snippets to show you the great detail into which this article goes.

At other points during the [2002] flight [from hell], [Scott] Hall licked [flight attendant Heidi] Doyle’s face, told her he wanted to “lick her pussy,” and asked [flight attendant Taralyn] Cappellano to “suck his dick.”

Poor flight attendants. Why can’t people just be up front and say what they want? “TWO peanuts, please! It’s a long flight!”

[Virgil] Runnels [III, aka Dustin Rhodes] advised Cappellano that, “You and me are gonna fuck.”

Seriously, just say what you want! These women have long days ahead of them! I promise I’m going to speak my mind next time I fly; it’ll really help these ladies out. -Eric

Stunt Granny Audio #153

Hey kids! Dusty and Eric are back with the second audio of the week. They put in their four collective cents about Matt Hardy, including how his friends are enabling him, his brother is still a much bigger star than he’ll ever be, and how TNA should just implode itself and blame in on the Hardys. They also discuss Todd Grisham leaving WWE for ESPN, Monday Night Raw’s low rating and the factors that may have played a part, and possible story arcs for the new pro wrestling TV drama with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Jerry Bruckheimer as executive producers. Wow, it’s a loaded show! And it’s good, too! As good as Kerry Collins is at quarterback!

Stunt Granny Audio Show #153

North Carolina Indy Wrestler Writes Open Letter To Matt Hardy

Hey, why don't you have a few drinks and then go drive home.

Speaks for itself:

After reading about what happened with Matt Hardy yesterday, I surfed the internet and saw what many fans were saying.

Matt Hardy is a drug addict. Matt Hardy is a loser. Matt Hardy is a liar. I have been to Matt Hardy’s home several times and have seen the real Matt Hardy. Matt Hardy is loved. Matt Hardy is genuine. Matt Hardy is generous.

I am writing this because I fear for the man’s life. It is no secret that the Hardy Boyz are going down a dangerous path full of prescription pills, illegal drugs and copious amounts of alcohol consumption.

The North Carolina wrestling scene is centered around the Hardy Boyz. These guys look out for the guys coming up. Every year, they have a Christmas party where they invite everyone in the business, whether you have 1 year or 20 years in, to come celebrate. The parties are wild, but the Hardyz go out of their way to say hi to everyone. No one is excluded, an indy wrestler is welcomed and greeted as if they were a TV name.

Last year’s Christmas party was when I seriously wanted to say something, but the man has treated me well so I bit my lip. After reading his most recent news, I wanted to get this out there for his real friends to process.

At last year’s Christmas party, Matt Hardy was openly taking drugs and getting hammered on booze. A bunch of us were downstairs shooting the shit then all of a sudden we heard this huge CRASH. We all ran to the sound of the noise, and what we saw was Matt Hardy laying in a pile of glass like he was one of those untrained death match guys. Matt Hardy was so fucked up on drugs and booze that he fell through a glass coffee table. While cut up and bloody, he was ok. Fortunately he suffered no serious damage.

After nearly killing himself and becoming a news story for wrestling sites, the party resumed like nothing happened. That is when I realized Matt’s closest friends are his biggest enablers. Instead of taking a step back and saying “Wow, you almost killed yourself, we may have a problem here”, I saw Matt’s friends giving him more shots and more pills.
My point is that Matt is a great guy but will get no help from his friends. Some of his friends are stooges that don’t dare talk back or question Matt. Matt takes care of people and in return expects not to be questioned.

Matt needs tough love. He has a ring rat girlfriend who has told people she is with him for her career. No sane woman would allow themselves to get tazed and beat up by drug addicted men 15 years her senior. She said her name is always mentioned with his and it’s a form of advertising. Matt needs to stop tasering women, re-evaluate his life and stop giving us Jeff Hardy updates. The only difference for a long period of time between Jeff & Matt was that Jeff’s problems became public. Brother Jeff is just as open and cool as Matt, but together, they are destructive together.

I am writing this in the hopes that if people really consider themselves a friend of Hardy, and many will tell you they are here, then please talk to Matt and get him help. We don’t need another obituary. IT WILL BE THE SAME PEOPLE WHO CAN HELP HIM NOW THAT WILL BE WRITING TEAR JERKING CONDOLENCES AND POSTING THEIR CROCODILE TEARS USING MATT HARDY’S DEATH AS A WAY OF ADVANCING THEIR OWN CAREERS.

Matt Hardy needs to put the twitter down, the youtube down and really needs his friends to stand up for him. All this enabling will lead Matt to an early grave but tough love could be the turning point for this well-hearted person.

Get well Matt, I pray for you.
-Just a no name indy wrestler.

Matt Hardy is going to die. – Dusty
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