Stunt Granny Audio #154

The WWE is mixing brands, we're mixing drinks.

Kevin and Jeremy are back and they’re a little confused. They watched so much wrestling on Monday and Tuesday that it all blended together in their minds and on this audio. It’s almost a bonus show since we rarely cover Smackdown except for the excellent feud between Christian and Randy Orton. How did they think that feud ended in the cage match? How many people are going to turn on HHH no matter what he does? Is CM Punk really a skinny fat ass? Find out what the guys think of the name Air Boom. Is John Cena reverting back to his old self? What do the boys think is at the root of this problem? What is happening with all of the second or third generation wrestlers? Last but not least, what do the guys think of the women’s division revival? OH yeah, that should be last and least. Click below to enjoy that witty banter.

Stunt Granny Audio Show #154

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