Kevin Went To WWE Raw At Nationwide Arena

Welcome to Nationwide Arena in Columbus OH!

I’m going to compile my tweets for this post and add some commentary. I’ll get more into it when we do a audio/podcast. Speaking of which, I completely failed on making a logo for iTunes. Or any work on the t shirt design. Anywho, this will be some additional information while with holding any thoughts on the quality of the show. I can’t stop watching American Ninja Warrior. Just saying.

I’m sure #Raw is here tonight. Wouldn’t be able to tell from the empty parking lots.

Half empty

(Commentary: For Columbus Bluejackets or Clippers games, I wouldn’t have been able to park here unless I got in much earlier to the event. The Jackets games aren’t even selling out but they are far more cars there. I would have been parking in the lot one street farther away from the arena.)

I’m pretty sure the upper deck is only open across from the hard camera. I’m near the stage. Good seat. Nothing happening. (Commentary: I expected something to start around 7:45 which is when I got to the parking lot. I didn’t think I’d be waiting another thirty minutes later.)

@missiebird That’d be yahoo Kevin (Commentary: Our good friend Missie checked in. Unlike my prick site mates.)

I came sober. I’m an idiot. (Commentary: I usually have a couple of beers before heading down. I neglected to do so today. It was my mistake because I was stuck in between two fat people. The bitch to my right wouldn’t even stand up to let me through when I thought I was seated past her. I will save my wrath for my neighbor to the left for later. I’m drinking water now. I got to work tomorrow.)

Some adult had their title belt inside of a custom fitted bag. The dork bar has been raised. (Commentary: Need I say more?)

Retrospective of #Wrestlemania Not much time for Superstars. They have the skirt up for it. (Commentary: I expected a little more length out of these matches. I’m not sure completely why.)

Some African American woman is introing Primo & Do You Remember Drew McIntyre who gets a decent pop. (Commentary: Drew ended up with the biggest pop for anyone before Raw. I’m confused too. I haven’t looked up who the ring announcer was.)

Drew did a knip up during the match. Future shock DDT for the win. FBI chant for Little Guido. Still a strangely large cheer for Drew. (Commentary: The knip up was more confirmation that Drew is a face now for some reason or another. I’m still confused.)

Wow, that wasn’t enough en Superstars. JTG vs Mason Ryan. The fat Internet fan beside me is deserving of a serious associated kicking. (Commentary: I hate spell check. It turned ass into associated. This fat Asian kid had the gall to say “Who yelled that? Some fat guy?” and he wasn’t joking. Fattie doesn’t get to call another fattie, fat. He seemed like he didn’t want to be there and was being too cool for school. Fucking seriously dude, you just pitched in $52 and you’re going to bitch this much? Fuck you. I seriously wanted to head butt him square in the nose. Oh, I was surprised that Drew vs. Primo wasn’t even on Superstars. It was a dark match.)

Ryan wins with an Eric favorite, the pump handle slam. Not as much of a reaction as Drew. Live cut in to the USA Network coming.

@Stuntgranny I’ll give you $10 if you kidney punch the dude! My response: @missiebird Do I get more if I knock him out? What a know it all yet not know a thing prick. (Commentary: As I seriously way getting kicked out because of this fat Asian dumb ass.)

T-Rex & Hawkins take on Dennis O’Neil & Percy Watson. Next tweet: T-Rex & Hawkins win with a neck breaker/power slam combo. O’Neil looked the best but took the pin. (Commentary: It was nice to see Percy too who looked a bit sharper in the ring. O’Neil looked more improved though. I just realized that Dennis isn’t his name and I don’t feel like looking it up.)

@CMPunk was working the crowd even when he wasn’t on camera. You’re awesome for getting the details right. (Commentary: I know he got show some but I haven’t watched it back yet. I’ll watch it tomorrow at some point to confirm what wasn’t on there.)

Big reaction for Air Boom. Shooting Star Press still impressive live. @missiebird I didn’t ask Punk to marry me. (Commentary: Evidently, on camera, someone yelled “Will you marry me Punk?” I didn’t hear it.)

Majority of the women in my section are behind Beth. Her & Natalya need to stop dressing sexy. I like but doesn’t fit their characters. (Commentary: Just clarifying a point I started making last week. I like Beth’s outfit but it doesn’t fit her character. She doesn’t care about being sexy but she’s gone to wearing a skirt and less up top? Really?)

I’d normally have gone to the fridge for a beer now. What a bunch of filler. Del Rio & Christian were good. Next tweet: The Miz’s pants shouldn’t be cross hatched. Go with one color. OK with jacket being that way. (Commentary: I would have called it plaid but it didn’t have more than the two colors.)

Lawler just went back stage. They also announced #WWE Network coming in 2012. Next tweet: A guy just walked by with a Punk shirt and a Cena arm band around the sleeve. Huh? Ryder with the win. (Commentary: What a video package for Zach Ryder. You can’t beat that. The guy walking down the aisle was fully confusing.)

Orton gets the biggest pop easily yet he’s trailing Cena & Punk by a large margin for merchandise sold. (Commentary: I had been wanting to make the merchandise point for a while during the night. Both stands when I came in were packed with people buying stuff. Four guys in front of me had on Zach Ryder shirts and then went and bought two more shirts each. Punk’s shirt was in all of their pair of shirts. Randy was only in one. Cena’s gear was still the most popular but Punk is giving him a run for his money. Randy got the most unified cheers yet was way behind the other two.)

Teddy Long always wearing a fly suit. Next tweet: Punk & Cena attack Rodriguez after the show. Cena vows to kick Del Rio’s ass. Was this on Tv? I didn’t tape the over run. Response tweet: @NekoKatkune @Stuntgranny nope. (Commentary: I figured after Del Rio fled that they went off TV. Punk helped corral Rodriguez which lead to an amusing part. Dolph was laying near the ramp but not wanting to get in Punk’s way. He starts mouthing to Vickie that he can’t do anything. It was hilarious, especially the look on his face. They scrambled to the back when Punk chased Rodriguez into the ring to face off with Cena. He worked together with Cena to make Rodriguez to forget about Punk. Ricardo thought he was getting away when Punk gave him the GTS. Cena then picked him up and gave him an Attitude Adjustment.)

Punk shakes Cena’s hand then Cena raises his hand. #WWE #RAW live Full report audio tomorrow. Short article to be posted later. (Commentary: Delivering as I said I would. Shout out to @missiebird and @nekoKatkune for the amusement and help. It was bizarre seeing Cena raise Punk’s hand and play him to the crowd. Cena got out of there fairly quickly but still got a last good reaction from the crowd. CM Punk was just talking to people at ring side. The one was a hot blonde who I wonder if she was the one shouting the proposal. He turned to more people after that and started signing autographs for other people around ring side. Very nice of him to do that.)

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  1. I think her name is Affirmative McAction. She’s a distant relative of Mel Phillips.

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