Katching up with Kurt Angle: TNA star, police weigh in on his blood alcohol content


According to Prowrestling.net, Kurt Angle was arrested Sunday morning in Warren County, Va., and charged with driving under the influence. (Christ, you could set your watch to Angle’s drunken antics.) Angle went on to say that he’d plead not guilty to the charges because he claims his blood alcohol content was 0.06. However, the police (and who trusts them, anyway?) had this to say, according to the Northern Virginia Daily:

The wrestler’s first test, conducted at the scene of the traffic stop near Linden, came back above the legal limit of 0.08. On a second test at the Front Royal police headquarters Sunday morning, Angle blew a 0.06, according to state police.

A report filed by Trooper C.R. Scally also stated that Angle failed several field sobriety tests.

Hmmm, I’m never sure who to believe in these cases, the police who are hired to protect and serve us (but occasionally beat us unmercifully when we get out of control or aren’t white), or Kurt Angle, who celebrates a full moon by getting pilled up, pulled over and tossed in jail for half the night. Furthermore, this happened in northern Virginia, where people on a nightly basis drink half a jug of moonshine labeled “XXX,” then go out driving in their General Lee trying to run from Boss Hogg. Cops’ Judgment: 1, Kurt Angle’s Habitually Poor Judgment: 0. -Eric

Stunt Granny Audio #155

If you came to the site and missed that Kevin was going to Raw this week, you need to talk to your optometrist. He mentioned it in the Big 11 and on Twitter (@Stuntgranny). Since Eric was around, he quizzed Kevin about the happenings at Raw that didn’t get covered already. Just how annoying was the fat Asian kid? Was he amongst a lot of kids or were some creepy mid-thirties hanging out looking for their next victim? CM Punk is funny, but is he too funny? What did he do off camera? Drew McIntyre gets talked about too much but his pop earned or a product of his placement on the card? The women’s and tag teams divisions are being resurrected but do the crowds agree with these ideas? Kevin ranks the pops, but who was robbed of his? Teddy Long and Miz have something to do with the fat Asian kid beside Kevin, so find out what the connection is when you click on the link below.

Stunt Granny Audio Show #155

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