Kevin’s Blog: Definitely Live & Half Assed Review of Raw

I was forgetful last night.

I was so excited about the Night of Champions pay per view that I took the time to do a preview of the show. I even arranged my night so that I could purchase the pay per view. My neighbors and friends being around during the first hour or so didn’t allow me to blog about it although both Jeremy and I used Twitter (@Stuntgranny) as a vehicle for our thoughts. My biggest mistake though was something that we came up with a long time ago, when the pay per view looks strong, it’s going to be terrible. When a pay per view card looks weak, it’s going to be awesome. Money In The Bank was one of the few pay per views that didn’t fall into this category but it may have been elevated by the Punk vs. Cena match and ending. I will air my disagreements with most of the commentary I have read today during the blog. Let’s roll.

We got started with a short promo by Punk that got cut short by HHH. Trips gives us a triple threat Hell In A Cell match between Punk, Cena and Del Rio. They need to get to work on selling the pay per view in two weeks so good on them. Punk making a good point about HHH not being in on the conspiracy. Johnny Ace gets to bore us to death. HHH promises to fire someone by the end of the nice after Johnny is told about the conspiracy. JR gets an interview with Mark Henry. (NOC reaction: A lot of people bagged on HHH going over. I doubt we’ve seen the end of the feud as I’ve stated several times already. I am starting to wonder why I feel the need to give the WWE more rope with this angle and some of the other ones recently. I’m being overly optimistic with their recent track record. I’m unsure if it’s because I want to rage against the machine which at this point to me is other internet fans. I do see some change happening though like Ryder, Sheamus, Punk and hopefully more of Beth Phoenix.)

8 Man Tag match – I’d take it we’re getting this jamb all of these contestants together because no new feuds will develop in time for HIAC. Nice touch of Sheamus finishing Otunga in front of Christian. HHH talks to the referee (and uses a name) but wants the Miz & R Truth to talk to him. Del Rio complains. (NOC reaction: I can’t believe people complained about Del Rio dropping the title. He got very little reaction at the Raw I attended recently. He wasn’t exactly impressive when he just talked to HHH. As noted in my preview, which Money In The Bank winner had a long first title break? Plus, if Cena makes the WWE money and people are clicking off this rich snooze, why should he be champion?)

Del Rio takes on John Morrison. Wow, I check Twitter and Del Rio wins in no time flat. Hugh Jackman add. This sucks that I’ll be taping something during this whole Raw so I can’t flip to the game. I can’t wait to watch some Hawaii Five-O later though.

Great, Hugh Jackman. Time to grab a beer.Vickie & Dolph come down to the ring while I’m grabbing it. Dolph knows how bad Cleveland is. It’s a great place for concerts and food. After that, woof. Hugh is going to coach up an underdog. Dolph is getting the bulk of the mic work after Vickie does the intro. Hugh grabs a Ryder > Wolverine as the crowd chants “We want Ryder.” Even Jeremy would have to admit that was a good reaction from a normally dull Cleveland crowd.

The Mistico variety of Sin Cara shows up. Cole can’t tell the difference and says they’re mirror images. If you have a pair of eyes, you can tell the difference. Cody Rhodes takes him on. The other Sin Cara shows up. The crowd is nearly silent. JR tries to cover for the dead reaction. Another example of why you need to cut promos in this day and age. The segment fell on its’ face. Miz & Truth apologize. HHH fines them $250,000 each. They get to take on Cena & Punk. They are really pushing Henry’s win. (NOC reaction: At least people on the internet were happy about this deserved title change and subsequent promo.)

JR announces the rematch between Orton and Henry at HIAC. Both title matches are set already. The WWE is not screwing around. Add in a possible Sheamus vs. Christian match up and the PPV is shaping up already. Henry just looks permanently angry. It’s awesome.  More apologies to be handed out by JR. Are we going back to a two man booth? King tries to save JR. Crowd is alive again. Maybe these new young fans are vocal unlike the lame ones Jeremy & I encounter consistently. I’m glad they didn’t make JR take that. Cole’s look of concern is spot on and he’s not saying a word. A different 2 man booth than I was expecting will be on the rest of Raw. Henry keeps having problems draping the strap over his shoulder. Henry is getting more of a reaction than Del Rio.

Cole doing a good job of selling Lawler’s beating. We get Josh Matthews. KK & Eve take on Beth & Natalya. I forgot about KK beating Beth at Summerslam. Eve wins with a roll up. Hugh talks to Zack. Evidently he’s perfect. (NOC reaction: I will state first, I want Beth as champion. It makes no sense to crown her to me though. Because KK was run down so much and looked down on by many, she needs some wins over big name opponents. I would have preferred her to not win both match ups by roll ups so that her wins looked more legitimate though.)

Ryder takes on Ziggler. Come on Josh, mention that KSU is 45 minutes away from Cleveland. I think Cole is trying to get our the internet’s collective skin by making fun of people for watching Z! Long Island Story. Ryder wins with some help from Jackman. How did the WWE not put the Bella Twins with Jackman?

“Shit Or Get Off The Pot” nominee Jack Swagger gets a video package. Swagger gets a little too lovey with a wedding ring on. Cena cuts a good promo as the crowd amuses itself with “thee chant”. Funny that his promos are good when he doesn’t attempt poop jokes. (That’s sarcasm.) You suck is awesome. Mildly amusing that Miz joins in as Truth says “Cleveland Sucks”.

Punk has done a great job selling his injuries. I got a laugh when Cena & Punk wishbone Truth then as Truth sits up Punk kicks him down for a Cena pin. Cena starts to sell as we hit the commercials. At least it’s getting main event length, I hope. Obviously the firing was going to be the true main event.

Cena selling still. This type of match up should help Miz & Truth look better. I hope Truth takes the pin. Is Punk acting too much like a face? Should I wait for him to hop off the corner so that Cena can take the beating? This crowd is way different than anything I experienced in that city. Punk gets a huge pop for the hot tag. Miz goes to sleep. Ah. They were losing so not that biggie that Miz took the pin. Miz & Truth get fired. OK, see, I think there’s more method behind this madness. It seems like randomness right now. It’s got to come together. The locker room carry them out after they attack HHH. -Kevin

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