Tyson Tomko Update- He needs some serious help

Before recording Stunt Granny Audio #160 last night Kevin and I discussed this Tyson Tomko story. I was telling him how I didn’t want to go full force with it because of the lack of details. I didn’t want to start off a post with “yeah well I had no idea he killed a bunch of people” or some other fun killing line like that. After reading more of the details about his arrest I’m thinking that was the correct decision. According to TMZ he has some severe problems and his story reads like a work of fiction.

According to the police report, obtained by TMZ, Tomko went to a nearby Chili’s … where he asked his waitress for a spoon. When the server brought him a teaspoon, he asked for a “deeper spoon” … and when he got it, he took it to the men’s room … where he remained for 30 to 40 minutes.

Cops were eventually tipped off … and when they arrived on the scene, one officer says Tomko had “needle marks and blood running down his arm” … and had just flushed something down the toilet.

Tomko was taken into custody — and allegedly told police he has a “severe drug problem.”

Cops say Tomko admitted he took the Oxycodone from CVS … and injected 178 pills, which he crushed up and melted down … but he swore he never threatened the pharmacist.

Tomko was taken to a nearby hospital … then transported to a nearby jail, where he was booked for robbery.  He’s currently behind bars — bond was set at $7,500.

Kevin had mentioned how he actually forgotten what a big thing Tomko was turning in to over in TNA for that short period before they ruined his push. Then he appears on WWE totally out of shape and now has fallen off the map and in to an apparent period of extreme drug use? You know you have a severe drug addiction if you don’t have the common sense to go home and shoot up in private instead of stopping at a Chili’s, which is better than going to a Taco Bell. Chuck E Cheese would be preferable really.

You know that reminds me of my writing class at Kent State. I had an early version of a piece that contained a section with a drug addict stopping to shoot up when he was being chased. I got slammed by some dolt for it not being realistic and really stupid. Well, turns out I was writing about reality while you just tried to dictate it. So go fuck yourself Mark whateveryourlastnameis. -Jeremy

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