Kevin’s Blog: Almost Live, Definitely Half Assed Review of Raw

I love pumpkin flavored food.

I spent a fine fall Saturday afternoon in Circleville (OH) Pumpkin Show mowing down more pumpkin flavored foods than anyone really should. I had pumpkin chili, pumpkin sloppy joe and fried pumpkin blossoms. I also bought and brought home some pumpkin fudge which is fantastic. I am still bummed though that I didn’t get to the pumpkin pancakes, waffles, pizza or donuts. I tried the pumpkin roll down there several years ago but it didn’t stack up to my mother’s so I don’t even try it anymore. Just in case you were wondering, the winning pumpkin this year weighed in at a nice even 1436 pounds. What tricks and treats are in store for me tonight? Let’s roll.

Of course they play up the exploded ring. I didn’t read the results of the main event so I’m glad they informed me barely a minute into the show. It really makes me want to order more pay per views. (That’s sarcasm.) Good of HHH to have a new shirt. Stupid fucking wordpress kicked me out when I went to publish. I don’t remember what I typed so fuck the opening segment. Johnny Wooden GM tried to act like he wasn’t involved in the Nash attack. Trips foamed at the mouth. And HHH being the COO still yet not being able to manage Raw just makes the board sound like they don’t watch their own product. Oh, they don’t? Thanks for clearing that up grand kids.

Oh my lord, after the commercial break Kevin Nash fake attacks HHH on the gurney with another sledgehammer shot. That moment already ranks up with coffin surfing and Katie Vick for cheese factor. I love it like CSI: Miami or Big Trouble in Little China. I can’t wait to read about people’s thoughts on this attack. I am watching this way too late to check Twitter. I’m mowing thru this baby with a quickness. Thanks to recaps of the first two segment, things are moving quickly.

Randy Orton & Sheamus take on Cody Rhodes & Christian. Kevin Nash evidently was trending on Twitter. Please take my eyes. I can’t wait for more Nash. (That’s sarcasm again.) Lawler was right to point out this match was a retread. Cole awkwardly sends us to commercial as the camera waits another 10 seconds to fade out.

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PWO – Season 5 – Episode 3

Episode Three has Three Title matches.

Joe Dombrowski opened the show by saying that three titles will be defended this hour with the main event being “The Megastar” Marion Fontaine taking on Jason Bane for the PWO Title. Jason Gory will defend the PWO TV Title against Gregory Iron and the Sons of Michigan (“Amazing” N8 Mattson & Benjamin Boone) against Ben Fruith & Corey Winters which starts off the show. Pedro De Lucca did formal introductions with everyone in the ring. The action was slow so Dombrowski & Maguire filled the air. Maguire kept harping on Fruith & Winters getting a title shot only because they were neighbors. Winters kept a headlock on Mattson for quite a while. Mattson got the upper hand then tagged in Boone. He kept the action slow with a reverse chin lock. Winters backed Boone into a corner with forearms. Winters drop kicked Boone into another corner. Fruith tagged in and tried to double team Boone. Fruith got planted by a Ron Simmons like spine buster. Boone and Mattson worked over Fruith while tagging in and out. Boone had Fruith in a Boston Crab but Winters broke it up before a tap. Fruith went for hat appeared to be a German Suplex. Mattson had a suplex blocked which turned into a Fruith Roll up. After the two count, Fruith hot tagged Winters. He gave Mattson a Cutter then rolled out of the way so that Boone splashed Mattson. Fruith missed a top rope drop kick. Boone speared Winters out of the ring. Mattson hit the M80 (Swinging Neck Breaker into a pin fall) for the victory.

Analysis: They did a good job of hiding what should have been a squash match by having the Sons of Michigan commit a couple of errors to keep Fruith & Winters in the match. Aside from Fruith butchering a German Suplex (at least that’s what I think he was going for) it was a well wrestled match. Score: +1.

Aeroform (Flip Kendrick & Louis Lynden) were standing by. They said that they were excited to get their hands on the Sons of Michigan. Lynden admitted they made a mistake at Wrestlelution but they will not make that mistake again. Lynden said that the Sons give the state of Michigan & the titles a bad name. Kendrick finished it by saying “They’re going to flip the world, son.” Analysis: He delivered that with more conviction than normal. I just wish he hadn’t looked back to his tag team partner. The starter & closer form of their promos continues to work well. Score: +1.

Joe Dombrowski did the low voice to talk about Hobo Joe’s injuries that will keep him out indefinitely. Jason Gory came out first. (The champs came out first in the first match too.) Gory came out without the belt because the Dead Wrestling Society is keeping it hostage. Gregory Iron came out to what sounds like new music. Gory grabbed Iron  by the neck and said he’d kill him. Iron punched him and knocked him to the outside. Iron tossed Gory into the guard rail and continued pounding on him. Gory head butted Iron in the stomach followed by a jaw jacker and a boot to the head. Gory assaulting Iron in a corner. Gory pulled back a finger on his right hand that is useless because of his cerebral palsy. Gory went back to it. Gory got in a Miz clothesline in the corner. Iron shoulder blocked Gory in the corner. Iron got caught charging into the corner. Gory splashed Iron while he was on the middle rope. Gory with a sling shot double stomp but it only got him a two count. A mid ring collision allowed Iron to recover. Iron got in a pair of clotheslines then a neck breaker. Dombrowski did say that the Dead Wrestling Society is banned from ring side. Iron dropped a knee and senton. Gory gave Iron a Code Breaker from the second rope. Gory tried to use a chain which distracted the referee. Gory blew mist in Iron’s eyes. Gory hit Trepidation (Spinning piledriver) for the victory.

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