Mick Foley, who loves the word “I,” returns to WWE at house show in “I”reland… coincidence?

"Hey Rock, can I piggy-back off your return for a while?"

According to Prowrestling.net, Mick Foley made his triumphant, glorious, grandiose, fit-for-a-major-star return to WWE… at a house show in Ireland yesterday. Follow the link to a video of Foley’s comeback promo, where he goes through his usual schtick of name-dropping someone (in this case, Vince McMahon), alluding to being treated like a god among men (WWE is his “playground,” but I’d wager that a ride on the teeter-totter with him wouldn’t be fair), and then going for the cheap pop by mentioning Dublin by name. It’s like the old saying goes: The more things change, the less Mick Foley changes his clothes. -Eric

Stunt Granny Audio #164- Jeremy goes to Smackdown

Attendance wasn't this bad but it was close.

Yup that’s right two shows in one week. Don’t get used to it since this is pretty much a special edition. Kevin asks Jeremy a bunch of questions about the Smackdown tapings at the Bi-Lo Center in glorious Greenville, SC. What stood out the most? Was it the disinterest from the production crew? Could it be the copious amount of children? Does Jeremy consider children a plague? They actually talk some of the wrestling but then it eventually devolves back in to on site observations. Does trash drive? If so what does it drive? If it rides in a garbage truck is it being chauffeured? All this and more so make sure and listen.

Stunt Granny Show #164

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