TNA takes on Ohio Valley Wrestling as developmental territory; Mike Mondo may finally make the big-time!!

Yep, *that* OVW.

According to, TNA has adopted Ohio Valley Wrestling as a developmental territory, taking tomorrow’s stars and turning them into today’s food-stamp collectors. According to a press release, wait a minute, TNA sends out press releases? Since when does TNA have the savvy to buy a licensed version of Microsoft Word? I figured Jeremy Borash was still sending Morse code like he did as a DJ in Fort Dodge, Iowa.

Anyway, Ohio Valley Wrestling, the former WWF/WWE developmental territory once known for being the breeding ground for future superstars like John Cena, Randy Orton and Brock Lesnar will surely now cough up inevitable wastes of space like That Guy With the Rat Tail, Two Fat Guys Acting As Jeff Jarrett’s Security, and The Slightly Taller But Embarrassingly Skinnier Matt Morgan-Alike. To call OVW a “breeding ground” when the WWE machine was behind it would be accurate; with TNA’s brain power, this is more like a puppy mill. Have you ever seen a retarded soft-coated wheaton terrier? It’s heart-breaking. Get ready for plenty of that, Thursday nights on Spike. -Eric

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