Stunt Granny Audio- TNA Roster Game 2011

This isn't accurate but it isn't any better.

Nearly a year to the day Stunt Granny brings back everyone’s favorite show. Yes it is time for the TNA roster game. For the uninitiated the entire crew gets together and plays booker and the almighty. Who stays? Who goes? Why keep Shannon Moore for any reason? Who is considered an asset in the eyes of some and absolute garbage in the eyes of others? Why go through all of this? Why is Eric squirming for the last fifteen minutes? Why do the guys drag it out much longer than necessary? Well the answer is simple a retarded dog with no education is smarter than the decision makers in TNA. To prove this fact a bunch of assholes will all talk over each other to make jokes at Dixie Carter and her merry pack of goons’ expense. So join in the audio goodness.

Stunt Granny Audio Show- TNA Roster Game 2011

Past TNA Roster shows




5 Responses

  1. Like, oh me god Dusty, why should I totally vote for Herman Cain?

    Because of this, fool:

  2. siggggggh, I’ll even lift my Jeremy Maes ban to listen to this one!

  3. If it hadn’t been for penis faced Joe, I’d been married long time ago

  4. Where did you come from (Samoa), Where did you go (buffet)….

    1/2 way through, can’t believe you toolboxes picked Bischoff…I’d rather pick EY and his whitenipples.

  5. […] to, Jesse Neal is leaving TNA. Good thing none of us picked him in the TNA Roster Game, am I right, Jeremy, Kevin and Dusty? Some things you just have to question but… then I again […]

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