Jesse Neal moving up in the world by quitting TNA

License to print money, right here.

According to, Jesse Neal is leaving TNA. Good thing none of us picked him in the TNA Roster Game, am I right, Jeremy, Kevin and Dusty?

Some things you just have to question but… then I again I don’t give a f—. It’s time for a new me and a change.

What is that saying about rats and sinking ships? If even this low-rent ass-hat is willing to leave so abruptly, there has to be something wrong with this company. Furthermore, Neal Tweets:

If you want to book me I am free after this weekend, let me know. And trust me, you’ll get your moneys worth.

Um, no thanks. I’d rather book Greg Valentine to not show up than to book you to be there. Good luck in your future pop-can-redeeming endeavors. -Eric

14 Responses

  1. lmao ouch! Stunt Granny – Where kicking them when they’re down happens.

  2. Uh boy. Yeah this was bound to happen. I’m happy for him. He has to make money or starve and TNA has way too many people as it is. Its sad to see a tag team divide, but maybe Shannon can find fame in the X-Division… nah TNA will let him go soon enough.

    Heck if anything I’d say TNA should pay him by appearance. So what if suddenly he goes to the WWE? They can still use him 12x a year ($300 per appearance) to do a job to the tag champs. Maybe have a 1 month program with a team. That way he can still make money elsewhere too and make a living.

  3. Neal quit, eh…?

    Anybody seen Magnus or Doug Williams?

    • LOL nope ain’t seen them on Impact, they were on Xplosion a month or so ago. But to be honest I think Magnus has commitments in the UK version of American Gladiators. Oh and maybe they both live in Europe so why bring them over for TNA?

      TNA has so many workers… and too many titles.

      • Good point, but TNA spends like every other week trouncing Jeremy Borash or someone else around the UK, so they could at least put a camera with them and do some vignettes just to keep the stars on folks minds…that is if they planned to use them in the first place.

  4. Eric, you can’t print money without some ink bro!

  5. He went on the PWTorch Livecast and said if he didn’t win the tag titles at the ppv would quit. I’m guessing people caught wind of him giving the finish away and “That doesn’t work me Brother” was proclaimed.

    You can’t go around sporting a mohawk and calling your own shots when you’ve never slammed a stinky, wart infested Giant with a broken back, jack!

  6. @Ashley. To be honest I think Magnus & Doug should be used on European tours (if they really do live in Europe). Or in reality they’re best to be jobbers until you put a tag push on them…. if they live in the US and you don’t have to pay airfare 🙂

    Maybe those 2 are only contracted to work 50 dates a year when we think they work 150 dates or something. So much goes on…

  7. …….I thought this was the poorkids’haircut tumblr!?!???!

  8. McDonald’s always hiring.

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