Matt Hardy Breaks His Silence

As our friend friend @MissieBird put it, Matt Hardy is the gift the keeps on giving. Not only did he break his silence, I am too. The story of Matt Hardy is getting to be terribly sad. According to, it was announced yesterday that Matt was kicked out of WWE sponsored rehab after failing a breathalyzer test. He claimed it was mouth wash that caused him to fail. I don’t know the rules of a rehab facility but mouth wash would seem to be on a no no list considering it does have alcohol in it. Needless to say, the facility didn’t believe his story. Matt was arrested by the Moore County (no confirmation) police upon exiting the rehab facility because of judge’s order for a million dollar bail if he didn’t complete the rehab. I could goof on this guy but it truly a sad story at this point. Matt, even your biggest detractors didn’t want you to fall into a tailspin of epic proportions. Find the strength to go back to rehab and get better. -Kevin

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