Kevin’s Blog: Almost Live, Definitely Half Assed Review of Raw

I'm almost watching Raw at the speed of light.

OK, starting this later than I’d like to. Went out to watch the Pen’s not capitalize on two different 5 on 3’s then give up untimely goals. Tim Thomas was hot too which didn’t help. Good teams lose to other good teams. No shame in it. Enough of an intro. Let’s roll.

Cena confronting the boos and asking for his cheers. Cena wants to be number one contender. Del Rio interrupts. I dig Del Rio’s shirt. Del Rio is claiming the cheat angle from Punk. Glad people watch tape when it’s convenient. EXCUSE ME! Dolph killing it again. He needs to drop it to Zack. Miz comes down to the ring. This segment has officially gotten too long. You’d think Punk would show up too, huh? Johnny Wooden GM comes out. His interim tag is lasting too long. Randy Orton comes out to take on The Miz. No Punk. I was off. Commercial.

I am not playing the Twitter drinking game. I had a couple of heavy hitters at the Winking Lizard. Christmas Ales warm your heart more than normal. Miz is keeping Orton down. Power slam on the floor leads to the distraction needed for the Miz to get a win. Lawler was right, it didn’t matter what happened to Orton. He lost, big deal.

WWE Network gets the big hype. This ad didn’t make me want to buy it. The logo sucks. Zack talks, Johnny Wooden GM talks then Cena copies Zack. Johnny Wooden GM does the predictable (but good) thing of having them wrestle each other. David Otunga gives Kevin Nash a ladder match with HHH at TLC. Nash has an interesting shirt. Much better than some of their previous crop. Kevin don’t need no stinking opponent name. I FF Rodriguez’ intro for Alberto Del Rio and Daniel Bryan coming down. Time to save time since I started late. Bryan taps way too quickly. Push Daniel Bryan or don’t. Am I asking too much?

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WWE Tough Enough contestant and former Miss USA arrested for DUI, still hotter than breakfast skillet

Oh, she is intoxicating...

According to the Elvis Duran morning show (hey, I carpool with my fiancee), former Miss USA, “WWE Tough Enough” contestant and wrestling-fan spank-bank material Rima Fakih faces DUI charges after a weekend arrest in Detroit, Michigan. Here’s an actual news story:

Fakih initially tried to deny her arrest. At around 5 a.m. Sunday, she Tweeted: “Let’s clear things up now… I’m NOT in Michigan and I’m NOT in jail! Wrong Fakih.”

And since hot girls never lie, her lawyer came along to corroborate oh no he didn’t:

The post has since been removed.

Her attorney, Doraid Elder, confirmed the arrest, but offered few details.

He said Fakih was driving her friend’s car because her friend was intoxicated. Elder said Fakih soon realized she was too intoxicated drunk to drive, and pulled over when police spotted her.

Elder said he did not know what her blood alcohol level was.

Time to spin the wheel and make the deal:

According to TV station WXYZ, Fakih blew a .20 on a breathalyzer. The legal limit in Michigan is .08.

Yeeeah! Get it, girl! A DUI, right? See, Stone Cold Steve Austin, she’s *perfect* for pro wrestling! -Eric

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